New Update Is Here (version 1.3.653)

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.653)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 06/20/19 8:46 am

【New Content】
1. Kickback:
(1) Collect Minor Kickbacks to accumulate Key EXPs. All Members of the Clan can collect a Major Kickback every time the Key EXP reaches the specified amount.
(2) Collect Major Kickbacks to upgrade Major Kickback’s level. The higher the Major Kickback’s level; the greater the chance of Rarer Kickbacks appearing.
2. New Babe: Master Chef [Francesca] can make your life more delicious!
3. Decorations: A newly added Ops Effect called [Winged Eagle Ops].

【New Features】
1. Babe Overview: Once you have 5 Babes, you’ll be able to unlock the new Babe Overview feature. This will allow you to directly head to the Babe you want to meet!
2. Super Bonus: The [Monthly Pool Party Turf Pack] has been added!
3. New sounds and special effects!

【Optimization and Adjustments】
1. Partial interfaces optimization and update. Partial descriptions modification and retouching
2. Super Bonus Optimization: Weekly or Monthly Pack that can be renewed will be displayed at the top of the list.
3. Clan Store Optimization: The number of purchases that are displayed in the purchase record has been increased to 50!
4. Monthly Babe Pack: You may now obtain special sale gifts.
5. Equipment: Attributes from the Contract Agency can now also be seen on the Equipment Info.
6. Adjustments: Conqueror’s Path [27 Cities War Stage] will now only conduct of one match per City.

【Fixed Content】
1. Fixed the issues concerning the Clan Store.
2. Fixed the issue where tapping outside the pop-up window for exiting the game will cause the player to exit the game.
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  • ChiefThunder_S565 » 06/20/19 9:31 am
    My kickbacks are showing as UNKNOWN. Not giving me anything anymore. Why. Fix
  • SecretaryGM Iris » 06/20/19 9:59 am
    Update to the newest version should fix your problem.

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