New Update Is Here (version 1.3.618)

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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.618)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 05/23/19 11:07 am

【New Content】
1. The Slammer System: Players can defeat the Guards and free criminals to clear the various Floors as well as obtain limited amount of [Jewelry Cards] daily. Mansion must reach Lv. 15 to unlock the system.
2. Babe System: [Jewelry Cards] obtained from [The Slammer] can be used to upgrade Babe Skills!
3. Godfather's Monument: Added new Crime Ops Achievement [Majestic Cavalry]

【New Feature】
1 VIP Privileges: the [Upgrade All Babe Skill] feature will be unlocked when players reach VIP10.
2. Decorations:
a) Added new Turf Effect [Dangling Starlight]!
b) Added new Combined Crime Ops Decoration [Christmas Rider], [Ninja Dog], & [Apocalypse Ape]!
3. Added new Leader Appearance
4. Added new sounds & special effects!

【Optimization & Adjustments】
1. Optimized and updated certain interface features. Adjusted and modified certain descriptions.
2. Optimized Combine Ops: Combine Ops Displayed on the Combine Crime Ops interface can now be changed to view the different available Combine Ops!
3. Leader Info Interface: Both the Governor & Mayor Positions can now be displayed at the same time.
4. Optimized Yacht’s Trade: A second confirmation notice will be displayed when try to Batch Buy the Goods in Yacht!
5. Optimized Raid: Both the being Raided Marker and Raid indictor bubble can now be displayed simultaneously above a player’s Turf.
6. Optimized Conqueror’s Path:
a) The Healing Center’s Capacity has been adjusted to be 2.5 times greater than when at a Normal Map.
b) Enemy Crews killed during battle will also be accounted into the Kill Event.
c) Increase the proportion of Died Crews that can be revived by the usage of First Aid Certifications!

【Fixed Content】
1. Fixed the abnormal display issue with the Insufficient Roses’ reminder when trading item from the Yacht with Roses.
2. Fixed the issue where the correct gem is not selected when entering the Lapidary Complex through the Pawnbroker.
3. Fixed the abnormal display of the Donation Record at the Clan Vault.
4. Fixed the abnormal reminder issue when contributing to Clan Property.
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