New Update Is Here (version 1.3.568)

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.568)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 04/04/19 6:42 am

【New Content】
(1)Now you can visit the plantations of other Clan Leaders.
(2)Unlock the Plantation's “Plant All” function at VIP8.
(3)After changing the name of the watchdog, it will be displayed in the Plantation.
2.Babe Dress-Up: New MFA Girl Group’s Debut - Do you have a Passion for Fashion?
3.Vigilante Set:New「Lv.10 Street King Set」,Completely strengthens all Crew Member’s power
4.Easter: Change in Turf scenery to Easter Decoration

【New Feature】
1.Turf Buff: Added new [Advanced 24-Hour Anti-Spy]. Prevent your enemies from spying your Turf and from seeing how many Reinforcements you have
2. Clan Order: Added [Donate to get Gasoline], upgrade the Tower’s level and strengthens Clan’s defense
3.Monument of Glory:Added new Babe Decoration——[MFA Girl Group]
4.Mercenary: Added new Mercenary [White Shark]; After killing this Mercenary, you can get the exclusive materials needed for exchanging the Street King Set.
5. Added new sound effects and special effects

【Optimizations and Adjustments】
1.Partial interface optimization and update, partial description modification and retouching
2.Battle Report Optimization: Included special indicator on Battle reports effected by [Rescue] and [Death Fight] skill
3.Adjustments: You will not be able to visit the Plantation of the Clan leader of the current Clan

【Repair Content】
1.The problem regarding the red dot at the Event Center has been resolved
2.The problems that occurred with certain Roadsters have been solved
:u1F600: :u1F602: :u1F605: :u1F606: :u1F607: :u1F608: :u1F60A: :u1F60D: :u1F60E: :u1F60F: :u1F610: :u1F618: :u1F61D: :u1F61E: :u1F621: :u1F624: :u1F625: :u1F628: :u1F629: :u1F62D: :u1F62F: :u1F631: :u1F635: :u1F637:

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