New Update Is Here (version 1.3.710)

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.710)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 08/26/19 7:00 am

【New Contents】
1. Vigilante: added the new [Doomsday] Fire Lord and [Madman] Nick Skin. This can be obtained from Vigilante Arena (All-Star Match).
2. Equipment:
(1) Added the additional attribute alteration feature to some of the Leader Equipment.
(2) Added the new [Ultimate Set] that can greatly increase all Crew Attributes. It can be gained from enhancing the Supreme Set.
3. Clan Territory: the Clan’s Defense Towers can now be upgraded to Lv. 5, which will increase its radius of effect and Crew Attack/Defense when Defending Turf.

【New Features】
1. Yacht Trading: included the [Yacht Recall] item that can be used to recall the Yacht that has already left.
2. Defense Manual: it will be unlocked and viewable at the Radar after you’ve reached Lv. 6 Mansion.
3. Decoration: added the new [Lion Boxer] Combine Ops
4. Added some new sound and special effects.

【Optimization & Adjustments】
1. Optimized and updated some interfaces. Adjusted and modified certain descriptions.
2. Optimized the Past Mafia Plot: the completed Mafia Plots can now be viewed at the [Radar].
3. Optimized Vigilante Garrison feature: Vigilantes that is garrisoned on the Wall will be displayed at the very top of the Garrisoned Vigilante list.

【Fixed Contents】
1. The issue where no Intel can be gathered on the spied enemy’s Garrisoned Vigilante after the Radar reached Lv. 19 has been fixed.
2. The abnormal display issue on certain Clan Achievement has been fixed.
3. The issue where the rewards from Newbie Purchase Benefits can’t be claimed under certain circumstances has been fixed.
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