New Update Is Here (version 1.3.693)

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.693)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 08/12/19 6:54 am

【New Contents】

1. A Brand New Vigilante: Ai Sakurai——She can strengthen Crew Damage with 4 passive Skills!
2. Clan Territory: We added a new [Clan Conference Hall] that unlocks [Clan Achievements] after it is built.
3. Clan Briefcase: xxx (This is feature has not been set yet!)
4. Godfather’s Monument: We added a new Column Achievement [Resplendent] that provides 2% Biker & Vehicle Attack after it is unlocked.
5. Decorations: We added the new [Atlantis Column]

【New Features】

1. Achievement Display: When you get a 5 Star Babe, you’ll be able to now display her on the Wall of Honor.
2. Background Music: We added the new [Nightscape] mode. This will enable players to change music based on whether it is day and night.
3. Family Emblem: added some new Emblems that reduces the Resources needed for investments when engraved.
4. Added some new sound and special effects.

【Optimizations & Adjustments】

1. Optimized and updated some interfaces. Adjusted and modified certain descriptions.
2. Optimized Overview: We added a chat bubble reminder when there are queues that are idle.
3. Optimized the Newbie Purchase Benefits: There will be a reminder that tells players to collect Rewards that haven’t been obtained from the Mail. If a player reaches a particular Purchase Tier, they’ll get this reminder!

【Fixed Contents】
1. The issue where the cracked screen effect did not disappear after Teleporting has been fixed.
2. The issue where tapping the free Speedup button for demolishing buildings did not have any effects has been fixed.
3. The display issue on the main interface after using the Newbie Teleport Item has been fixed.
4. The display issue with the picture of the pop-up notice that appears after continuously leveling up has been fixed.
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