New Update Is Here (version 1.3.657)

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.657)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 06/27/19 4:06 am

【New Content】
1. Family Emblem: Different Emblems can now be engraved onto the Leader’s Equipment to strengthen it. (can be obtain by defeating the [Reaper])
2. City Royal:
(1)Tier Mechanism: Only the Top Rankers of each battle will receive a Star. You’ll advance to the next Tier when your number of Stars reaches the specified amount!
(2)The higher your Tier is the stronger your opponent might be. Likewise, the better the received rewards will be.
(3)Battle Points: Battles Points will be accumulated on each battle, these points can be used for gaining Stars or prevent losing Stars.
(4)Tier Display: The player’s current Tier can be displayed at the Leader Info page. Players can also head to the Settings to deactivate this feature.
3. Conqueror’s Path:
(1)Added New Observation Feature: Player’s of the eliminated Cities can now observe the currently ongoing matches.
(2)Added New Betting Feature: Player’s of eliminated Cities can also make bets on matches that have not taken place. The Reward Pool will be shared amongst those that betted on the City that is first in the group match.
4. New Vigilante: Anita——I Thirst, I Slay But Never Hesitate! Can greatly increase Crew Attack during Cross-Server event!

【New Feature】
1. Battle The Mercenary:
(1)Different kinds of Mercenaries will appear throughout the City each day. Defeat them to let them know who the boss of this City is.
(2)Added a new Mercenary [Reapers]——only death and darkness await those who defy them! (Emblems for engraving Equipment can be obtained by defeating them)
2. Godfather’s Monument:
(1)Added new Crime Ops achievement [Super Original]. (Crew Attack & Defense + 5%)
(2)Added new Dress-Up Achievement [Speedster Girlgroup]. (Crew Attack & Defense + 3%)
3. Decoration System: Added new Crime Ops Decoration [Mutant Mammoth Ops], [Ruthless Rider Ops], and [Leopard Sleigh Ops]. (can be obtained via Combine feature)
4. Babe System: Added new Dress-Up [Speedster Girlgroup] for Grace, Lena, and Mai Hanano.
5. Chat Channel: Added new Sticker [Mafia Boss-Whalehead].
6. Added new Leader Appearance.
7. Added new sound and special effects.

【Optimization & Adjustment】
1. Optimized and updated some interfaces. Adjusted and modified some descriptions.
2. Optimized Ops Preset Feature: The unlocking conditions of Ops Preset will now be displayed.
3. Optimized Babe Overview Feature: Babes can now be unlocked at the Overview feature.

【Fixed Content】
1. Fixed the issue where the content from the previous Cross-Server chat can still be seen after entering another Cross-Server map.
2. Fixed the abnormal display issue with the Preset Equipment Set after one of the Equipment on the list is no longer there.
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