Guide on Clan Bounty Order

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Guide on Clan Bounty Order

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 01/20/18 1:41 pm

Dear boss:

The Clan Bounty Order event is now available! I, Secretary Iris would like to share some of the secrets regarding the Clan Bounty Order, with you and your clan members. Hope you all have fun and get plenty of rewards from this guide.

Before we begin, let us first review the rules regarding the Clan Bounty Order event.
1. Bounty Order can only be completed at the Clan you are in, when the event started. Upon changing a Clan, you will no longer be able to participate in the event.

2. After the Bounty Oder has been picked, you need to complete the Bounty in the specified duration. If the used time exceeds the specified time or you leave the clan before completing the Bounty, then the bounty will be considered as Failed.

Be careful what you choose.
3. Each Boss can pick 7 Bounty Orders, removing the bounty will not restore the number of Bounty you can pick. As such, do choose wisely.
If a clan member completed the 7 Bounty Orders that he has picked, then he can 1000 gold to pick one more Bounty Order.

4. The R5 and R4s of the Clan can remove the Not Picked Bounty Order on the billboard. Not that no point or number of Bounty will be deducted.
A R5 or R4 should take the initiative or members can ask then to remove some of these useless (low pointed) Bounty Orders so that all members can focus on picking something that is easy and give more point.

5. A new Bounty Order will appear within 30 minutes after the previous Bounty Order has been Removed or Picked.
The Clan Bounty Order event will lasts for an entire week, right after the Daily Crime Wave event has ended. In these 7 days, each clan must try to obtain as many points as possible for 2 major reasons:

1. Gain more rewards after the event is over. The higher the stage you clan achieved the more rewards you can get. After the event, each clan member can choose 1 of the 3 rewards listed for each stage achieved.
2. Although Clan Bounty Order is a new feature; its presence can be said as crucial for a Clan Leader, they can use the ranking to determine the activeness of each clan leader at the same time serve as reference to determine who to promote and who to demote.
With the following explained, let’s see what we need to do in order to reach the highest stage possible!

First off, a player MUST have a Lv. 16 Mansion or higher to participate in the Clan Bounty Order.

The Second yet also as important as the first is that he/she MUST BE IN A CLAN. It would be best to be in a clan that is VERY ACTIVE as well as have lots of members. The reason for that is: the more members there are, the more point there will be and the more point there is the higher the total point will be! BUT! Once a clan member leaves his or her clan, and then he or she can no longer participate in the event.

Here’s a guide on each and every Bounty.

Times of 500 Active Chest Collected
Do and complete your Daily Contract to acquires 500 points and unlock the Daily Contract Chest 6. This one requires quite a bit of time to complete, as such one much be sure they have enough time. By collecting the Daily Contract Chest 6 for 3 days, you will be able to earn 124 points.

Times of Collecting Online Reward
This Bounty can be completed just by logging on and playing the game for a certain amount of time. But the point obtained from this Bounty is not very higher; it is more suited for smaller Clans.

Spend Clan Honor
This can be said to be the easiest Bounty out there! As long as you have donated before and have a large amount of clan honor, then all you have to do is to use it. Buy anything you want in the clan store and this Bounty will be completed!

Times of Accepting Clan Collaboration Task
This bounty is also quite easy to complete. Just prepare some gold, then accept more than one Collaboration Task at a time and the Bounty is completed. Even if you don’t have that much gold, a time limit of 2 days is more than enough to complete it without spending a dime!

Times of helping Clan Collaboration Task
This one is actually quite easy, if you are in a very active clan. The time given to complete this Bounty is considerably long, but if you are not the waiting type you can always use gold.

Times of helping clan members
If you are in an active clan, then this bounty is like a piece of cake but for members that are in a smaller clan, it would be best not to pick it.

Use Resource Item to Obtain Resource
If you have a considerable amount of resource item in your inventory, then this Bounty won’t be a big deal at all. Just use item and you will be able to complete the Bounty. Not to mention that these resources you get from items are totally safe and cannot be robbed.

Times of Purchase in Smuggler
Trade with the Smuggler for a couple of times! This Bounty may take some time but definitely worth the effort.

Times of Trade in Black Market
If you have enough Red Wines, such a bounty can be very easy. There will be 9 free trades, every day and even if you don’t have that much Red Wine, you could always use gold. I personally would recommend the 150 times in 4 hours, which gives 112 points that is way more points than the 200 times in a day or the 12 hours one.

Time of making gems
This Bounty won’t even break a sweat, since the time need to make a grey gems is not very long and the time limit for the Bounty is 1 day. Also the gems made during this Bounty can also be used to complete the “Times of Equipment Exchange” Bounty.

Times of Equipment Exchange
To complete this Bounty in time, you will need to prepare enough check, gems and speedups. Since it requires more time them gems, but if you exchange for the right equipment right, then the tide might just be in your favor.

Use Speedup Item to Accelerate
This Bounty would be much easier if you are currently upgrading your mansion or buildings as well as have enough speedups. If not you can always buy some from the clan store which helps completing the “Spend Clan Honor” Bounty. Don’t speedup your upgrade till it’s finished, leave a bit of time, you might need it to prepare for your next bounty order.

Building Power Increase
If you are lucky enough to having a building that is about to finish upgrading (it would save you a lot of time and speedups), then you can use the “Speedup Item” to speed the upgrading and leave a small amount of time left or you can just speed it till it finishes.
If you are not that lucky and wish to complete this Bounty, then remember to compare all the factors before you pick this Bounty. First decided which building you can upgrade, then much might time it takes to upgrade, so as to determine a mean to use the least amount of resources (speedup & resource) needed to complete the Bounty. 67 points can be obtained from this Bounty by just upgrading a Lv. 19 Mansion.
The point for this Bounty is not that high, thus it is much well suited for smaller clans.

Total Power Increase
This type of Bounties usually requires a lot of more power than what a building can provide. The best option would be to select this Bounty when you are close to finishing your Mansion upgrade pr a major investment. Like the Building Bounty, you have to check the factors involving each of these building or investment to see how much power you can get from finishing the upgrade. The highest points you can get from this Bounty is quite high, so if you are able to complete it, you should pick this it!

Rob XXXXX (cargo, cash, arm, metal, resource)
For this type of Bounty, it is would be best to buy or use an 8-hour Increase Robbing Speed item. The hardest one here may just be the cargo robbing; due to the limited amount of cargo hub on the map. Even if you can find one and rob it, you might not even get enough resources to complete the Bounty, within the time limited. Personally I would suggest the Rob Resources Bounty, which allows you rob all kinds of resources.

Completely robbed level 7 resource site
This one is quite difficult to complete unless you are able find a Lv.7 resource site, but that’s not all! You will need to have lots of high level crews or at least above t7. Best think twice before picking it.

Times of Super Bonus Pack Purchase
If you are planning to buy some packs then this is the bounty for you. By purchasing 3 packs within one day, you will be able to earn 100 points!

Spend Gold
If you are planning to use gold (a large amount of gold) along the way, then you should do it after picking this bounty. It’s one the highest point giving Bounty (150 Point). Don’t forget to check it out!

Times of Defeating Street Force
To complete this Bounty, you would need to prepare some energy items. There is a restriction on which level you should attack, so no worries on not able to defeat them.

Times of defeating Lv.XX or above Street Force
Like the above Bounty, only slightly harder; but still easy enough for a leader with high level troops. The only thing you have to worry about is energy.

Heal Wounded Crews
If you’ve just had a tough battle with someone and have a number of wounded, this Bounty would be the best choice out there. If there aren’t any wounded, then you can give the tournament a try.

Train Crews
You should prepare some resources & speedups needed before you pick this Bounty. Although train of crews might take some time, but with all camps, it should be much quicker than u think.

FYI. A clan’s activeness can be determined by the overall point provided by each member of the clan. An active member can provide or get 110 80-109 points per Bounty, but in order for the clan to achieve higher stages each member should acquire at least 110 points per Bounty

Players who are less active or unable to be active for a longer period of time should try to acquire around 50-79 points per Bounty.

Good luck to you all & Have fun gaming!
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Re: Guide on Clan Bounty Order

Post by Eddy53_S36 » 01/20/18 1:51 pm

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Re: Guide on Clan Bounty Order

Post by BAKURI_S97 » 01/20/18 1:55 pm

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Re: Guide on Clan Bounty Order

Post by Bonnie B187_S138 » 03/02/18 5:12 am

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Re: Guide on Clan Bounty Order

Post by waqasg_S125 » 03/02/18 5:42 am

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Re: Guide on Clan Bounty Order

Post by MR STOLENPONY_S95 » 03/17/18 10:17 pm

Let's roll.
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Re: Guide on Clan Bounty Order

Post by gun Grim Reaper_S145 » 03/21/18 1:29 am

let do this
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Re: Guide on Clan Bounty Order

Post by CyberWarrior_S125 » 02/02/19 3:21 pm

Thank You. :u1F600:
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