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This guy Caesar from Guari in city 941 (harassment)

Posted: 08/06/21 1:31 am
by Mafiosa De Diosa_S941
This leader has literally attacked everyone in our Clannad bullied them to join his clan and participate in global events. He is now constantly holding my family center hostage by robbing it so he can spy on my gatherings to attack and Rob. I am literally in a clan allby myself because no one here wants to stand up to him and he had harassed everyone of use for months in city 941!!!!! I have complained numerous times to gm about this I have had two people join my clan and actually stand up to him and that's why he is holding my family center hostage! I literally have been suicidal about this game because of it, he had been targeting and obsessed with me and my account since day one and literally isolated me from my old clan. Please help me I know he must spend thousands of money on this game, but I spend money on this game too and we are in a global pandemic!!!!! Please help!!!!!