Battle Preparation FAQ

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Battle Preparation FAQ

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Battle Preparation

1 How to attack other players?

You can click on their Turf, click attack, then you can send out troops and attack.

2 How to protect self?

Items like Truce can be used, it completely prevents others attacking your Turf (but crews outside of the Mansion are not protected).
If your robbing crew is under attack, you can always re-call them.
If your Turf is under attack, you can move your crews elsewhere to avoid a direct confrontation.
Another awesome way to lower casualties in war time is to send your crew to explore the Prison.
Using random teleport or advanced teleport is another useful means to avoid trouble.
Join a clan and use clan teleport to teleport your Turf to the same area as your clan mate. By doing so you can effectively protect yourself from attacks.
Build Hospital to avoid confronting a powerful crew and reduce possible crew lost.

3 My Turf’s on fire. What do I do?

Once the enemy breaks through your Turf (fail to defend, during battle) will result in being consumed in flames, during such state the Wall’s durability will gradually reduce.
You can use the “Repair” feature to restore the defensive value.
The state of being consumed in flame only last for half an hour, when time is up the flame will automatically extinguish itself. But if you have been attacked several times, the burning state will add up on the basis of the times.
Once the durability value reaches zero, the Turf will demolish itself and randomly relocate to another location within the city.
After using the relocate feature, the durability value will be immediately restored to max.

4 Why must we join a clan? (The importance of Clan and necessity of Social Applications

Mafia has never been about a man fight for his own, only with the collective strength provided by brothers will one be able to survive and hold your own within the city.
Click on the “Clan” option at the lower right corner of the main interface to enter clan interface, if you are not part of a clan you can either choose to create your own clan or join a clan.
Oh! One more thing, for those that are joining a clan for the first time, there is a gold reward which you will receive upon joining.
All kinds of clan related management information can be seen on the clan interface.

For example, on the “Clan Battle” interface page players can offer help to clan members that are being targeted for attack or joining a raid against an enemy.
Within the “Management” option a clan’s social messaging app can be set, by joining the clan’s chat group on FB/LINE/Whatsapp/Wechat better communication and clan unity can be achieved.
The “Clan Property & Donation” interface is where resources can be donated to improve clan property and buffs available.

Within the “Clan Store”, a clan’s R4 and R5 members can use the Clan Points (which belongs to the clan) to purchase item(s) from “Item list” and add it to the “Store”.
Where clan members can use their Clan Honor to purchase items like advance teleport, speedup items, etc. and add it into their won “Items”.
Don’t forget to ask your clan’s R4 to restock item when there is not enough in the Clan Store.

By donating and participating in clan event, members will be able to gain both clan Point and Clan Honor.
As you can see, the more you donate and more active you participate in clan event, the more Clan Honor and Points you will have!

5 How to Raid?

Basically Raid means to battle with enemy at the same time clan members can join along.

Click on the enemy’s Turf and select the “Raid” option and you will be able to raid over a period of time.
Clan members can join the raid by either clicking on the raid notice in clan chat or through the Clan Battle option within the Clan interface!

When initiating the Raid feature, the one who is Raiding needs to choose the time for meeting up. Assembled forces will then march towards the enemy.
The requirement to use the Raid feature is to have the building “Clan Hall”, this building can also affect the amount of forces one can gather.

Raid forces can only be disbanded by the one who forming the raid forces,after it is disbanded, you will receive a mail with the reason.

6 How to reinforce others?

After building a Clan Club, one can ask for reinforcement from clan member.
Clan members can then start asking for clan reinforcement.
The Clan Club’s level determines the amount of reinforcement you can get from members in a clan.

7 Resource's classification and Robbing skills

Provision moves before troops can be mobilized, the same can be said with Mafias.
Therefore, familiarity and acquisition of various resources is the most crucial knowledge of development in Mafia.
At the very top of the main interface page displays each resources amount such as Cargo, Cash, Arms, Metal and Gold.

The various resource building that produces resources, are located in the area just outside the Mansion’s Wall.
Cargo Hub is a building that produces and stores cargo
Counterfeiter is a building that produces and stores cash
Ammu-Nation is a building that produces and stores Arms
Smelter is a building that produces and stores metal


Upgrading these buildings can increase their productions, each building can only store up to 10 hours of production.
Revered boss, don’t forget to collect them every once in a while.

Resources are divided into 3 kinds: Safe Resource, Vault Protect Resource and Non-safe Resource Only purchased resources can be considered safe resources.
Safe resources cannot be detected or robbed.

The Vault building is capable of protecting a certain amount of resources; this portion of the resource can still be detected but cannot be robbed.

Crews will consume Non-safe cash as Upkeep; the consumption amount can be seen at the crew’s detail page.

Many of these buildings are also located all over the city map. By clicking on the Occupy icon you will be to rob those resources.

Other than the properties in the Invest Center and leader’s skill that can be activate, you can also use the Increase Robbing speed item to increase the speed of robbing.
The resources on the map are distributed in accordance to the map’s layering, the closer to the city’s center the higher the resources level is.

Bosses that desire to develop their clans faster can first have their clan leader teleport to an ideal location and later have the other clan members use the clan teleport item to teleport next to their clan leader.
Clan within the area of high leveled resource will be able to grow stronger!

At the Black Market resources can be directly traded, each day a certain amount of free trades will be available (usage of wine can increase the number of free trades).
Once the free trade counts has been used up, gold will be required in order to trade for more resources.

At the smuggler, players can exchange gold for resources or use another kind of resource to exchange for resources.

As you accumulate resources, you must not forget to protect your mansion from other leader’s attack.

8 What is the basic knowledge of battle?

You can use acceleration items by clicking on the “Speed Up” option to shorten your crime ops’ marching time, thus making it harder for the enemy to respond to your attack.

But battles are never so easy. You need to use the “Spy” option to first obtain information on the enemy’s defense crews and defense weapon as well as the reinforcements that is hidden.
By using the “Anti-Spy” item you will be able to prevent the information from leaking out.

Only when you are sure your team is stronger than the defending team, then can you attack. And by winning the battle will you be able to rob the enemy’s resource.
You need to be careful when attacking another leader’s Mansion, whose power is similar to yours.

A crime ops crew has a limit while the defending team consists of all the crews available in the Mansion.
During an attack all the crews defeated from the attacking team will direct result in death while the crews in defense team will result as wounded until the Hospital Center is full
(All exceeding crew will thus result as dead). But crews from both sides will result as wounded if the battle took place in a resource site on the Map.
As such the “Raid” option can be considered when attack a powerful enemy.

Temporary buffs include Attack Buff, Defense Buff, Crime Ops Boost and many more. Buff is a powerful tool, so don’t forget to use them in battle!

The Active Skills in battle can be found as follows: “Beck and Call” --- Immediately recall all crews, “Ringleader” --- Temporarily increases the max limit of crime ops.
Rescue” --- Turns all loss crews in the first battle after using the skill to wounded. Rescue is a rare type of battle skill that requires the Leader to be at least level 38 in order to activate.

9 What’s the best troop for battle?

Every crime ops crew needs to include tank type Bulker as the team’s vanguard, to absorb damages. Bulker level 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10 are all considered as Tank type bulker. :u1F608:
It would be even better if the amount of Tank type bulker can amount to about 30% of the crime ops’ max limit. :u1F608:

Bikers have chance to attack enemy’s range crew, along with talent they can deal great amount of damage to range crews. Shooters are the damage output crew of the rear, when stationed at the Turf, with their talents sometimes provide defense bonus. Modified Vehicle’s talent provide attack bonus when attacking at the Turf. :u1F608:
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Re: Battle Preparation FAQ

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Re: Battle Preparation FAQ

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Re: Battle Preparation FAQ

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