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"The Art of Clan Leadership"- KayLee

Posted: 11/29/17 5:40 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
"The Art of Clan Leadership"
City 80

Hello everyone reading this! This guide will be a guide answering some of the questions players may have on, "How do I make my clan work?", or something along the lines of that. Therefore this guide, "The Art of Clan Leadership", will have four key concepts that I think are the most important when leading your clan. And to make this clear for everyone reading, I am NOT saying my leadership is amazing or that I'm better then anyone. I just feel that I have gather enough experience in the game as well as in real life to create a guide to help you build a clan that you yourself can lead well.

The Four Key Concepts -
Dedication, Example, Communication, and Trust. Those are the four key concepts that I will explain and guide you to lead your clan into the clan you may envision.

Dedication -
First off, ask yourself. Are you going to dedicate your own time and resources in playing the game? Are you willing to dedicate not just the needed amount of time in playing the game but dedicate more for you to help your clan whenever you can? That mindset is what I feel you need before you create your clan.

Example -
I am a firm believer of leading by example. Currently in my clan I am the 3rd highest power, 500k~, ranking in my clan as well 2nd , 1.2 mil~, in my donations. City 80 is fairly new so I have plenty of time to grow and donate. Realistically speaking, if you yourself are not contributing or high in power. How does that appeal to your members to grow or donate if you're not doing your part?

Communication -
Whatever it is LINe, whatsapp, clan chat, etc. COMMUNICATE with your clan. Whether it be talking about random topics like foods, clothes, life, etc. Just talk to your clan! Treat your clan members as if they are family. These small talks will for sure build up trust and overall in the time of crisis like warring, or events you will have stable communication with your members and won't have any trouble with unclearness.

Trust -
While talking to your members you will start to see who and what they are. Are they a trusting, dedicated member? Or are they a complete jerk and unwilling to contribute anything. Recruiting trusting members are quite difficult when you only have a certain amount of people in a city and the multiple personalities are astonishing. But as long as you find a select handful of players that you can trust and they trust you. Your clan will be set on a course to the top.

Extras -
Utilizing the game's clan rank group system. The game provides four groupings of ranks; R4, R3, R2, and R1 (Excluding R5). I recommend renaming the ranks to fit your clan them and giving them titles instead of R2 or R3. Promoting and demoting people are personal preferences. Some clans promote off of power, some promote off of donations. It overall is based on personal preference and how you want to run your clan. I advise utilizing a merit based system based on the factors of activity (chat, online, and friendliness), contributions, and skill. If they fit in the criteria of having high power, donating constantly, and always in chat. Those are the signs of a good member. I personally use R1 & R2 as the common ranks and where most people will be for the most part. R3s I use as minor leadership and a select few will be promoted to that rank. R4s are my right hands in which only a handful of my members are promoted too. Having trusty R4s will make or break your clan. They either support your or don't. I always communicate with them on decisions such as diplomacy, recruitment, and promotions. Majority wins.

Conclusion -
I hope this guide helped you. I will be adding more off on and on and making edits. I'll be adding a history of edits and update logs. If you have any questions or concerns private message me and I'll be glad to answer! Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!