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Game ruined by bullies

Posted: 09/11/21 4:30 am
by Alberto Kirchner_S988
The game gives two weeks to build up forces, and then some days of "kill event" to attack or be attacked (or use a bubble to sit it out), and then another pair of weeks to keep growing or rebuild. It is a good system.

But there is a problem in my city: some users with maxed out armies keep attacking everybody, as in a perpetual KE. They say it is a "war" or something, but it's not a game event listed in the interface, it's just some guys who do this because they have the power and nobody can keep them in place. They do not even leave farm accounts alone.

It is not possible to play the game under such circuntances. I lost any troops I train and all resources I collect, and I don't have infinite gold to live perpetually under a bubble (and even if I had, it would not be fair to waste it in this). So I temporarily left the game and returned when it was announced in the city chat that those guys called for "peace" (meaning, to follow the rule of not attacking out of KE). But less than a week has passed, and guess what, there is a "war" again!

I have played for months, i'm level 27, I would like to keep playing, but I can't do it this way. Is there a way to report abusive players that attack out of KE, to move to some other city, or another way to solve this?

Re: Game ruined by bullies

Posted: 10/16/21 1:01 am
by BossEAF5091388_S1388
You know now that you say it maybe I shouldn't waste my time trying to get into my old account I got a new phone and been trying to get signed in but you actually right they are not playing by any rules what's so ever. I was in city 1192 swear I don't really attack other people often so the beef they have with NFG I don't really understand it but the no rules I think I may just stay gone.