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Rigged casino

Posted: 07/07/19 8:11 am
by Upcastcircle_S548
The casino is so rigged. Just spent over 20k gold on chips trying to get the 2k gold reward with a multiplier but every time the 2k gold came as the last choice which means it cost about 250 each card. I did this multiple times and each time the gold came as the last choice. This is obviously a scam to drain the gold from players who think they have a chance to actually make some gold from it. Needless to say I won’t be spending any more money on this game if they consider this fair.

Re: Rigged casino

Posted: 07/07/19 9:54 am
by Miami Zoe_S550
I totally agree with you I attempted the same thing twice and it did the same I knew it was rigged but I just wanted to test it and yes there is no odds to it to put simple is programmed to only give you 2k gold after all other prizes have been collected. :u1F624: :u1F621:

Re: Rigged casino

Posted: 07/08/19 5:39 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
Hi, we have received your feedback. We will report it to our colleagues and try to improve this then. Thanks for your support.