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Secret Strategies From Sexy Secretary

Posted: 01/16/19 10:07 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
Secret Strategies From Sexy Secretary---Whole 6 Days

Day 1---I Want To Grow Stronger!

1.How To Join Our Community?
① In-game Forum: Click on your Avatar---Click on Setting on the Bottom Right Corner---Click on Forum below---Enter our Forum and make friends with people all over the world;

② Official FB: You can enter this FB link on your browser or search Mafia City on your FB App to check all the game news and strategies;

③ Official Twitter: Open Twitter App--Search Mafia City--Click on our account--Enter our official Twitter to check the latest event and news (

Official Instagram: Open Instagram App--Search “mafiacity_official” to enter our official Instagram (

2.How To Check Game Strategies?
① Godfather’s Quotes: Click on Event Center(Swimming Pool) Besides your Mansion---Click on Permanent Event--Click on View to Check

② Game Guide: Click on your avatar---Click on Setting on the Bottom Right Corner---Click on Guide(A Book Icon) to check all game guides

③ Forum Mafia City FAQ: Click on your avatar---Click on Setting---Click on Forum below---Enter Forum--Click On Guide--Check Mafia City FAQ (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=451)

Day 2---Join A Clan With Sexy Secretary!

1.How to join/create A Clan
① When Mansion is at level 2, click on the “Clan” icon at the bottom right corner to gain access to Clan. First time joining will be rewarded with 200 Gold and 2 “Clan Teleport” items, using it will immediately transfer your Turf near the Clan Leader’s Turf.
② When Mansion is level 6 or above, creating Clan will be FREE.

2. What can be gained from Clan?
① Clan Property: including building speedup and crew attack bonus, etc.
② Clan Store: items like Truce, Teleport, Speedup and etc can be purchased with Clan honor.
③ Clan Help: reduce free time of a building.
④ Clan Reinforcement: ask clan members for help in defending your Turf when under attack.
⑤ Cops Raid Event: only members in a clan can participate, has plenty of rewards.
⑥ Clan Chat: share and learn from each other’s experience or just talk about life.

3.How To Contact Game Secretary for help?
① In-game GM: Inside your Turf who stands besides the Pillar Box, Click on her and talk with us now!

② Official WhatsApp: +12562262992
③ Official Line:@mafiacitycs: An Application that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store. After download, you can add us by our Line ID(@mafiacitycs) and talk with us.
④ Official FB: You can enter this FB link on your browser or search Mafia City on your FB App to message us.

Day 3---Hi Boss! Do You Want To Level Up Rapidly?

Boss, have you ever experienced the desire to develop, yet at a loss of what to do?
Secretary has listed plenty of Jobs and goals. By following these jobs, boss should be able to develop quite rapidly.

① First of all, on the “Jobs” interface page you’ll be able to see the Recommended Job and Normal Job. By clicking on the “Go To” button you will be directed to the Job.

② Clicking the “Rewards Center” and you will be able to enter the “7 Days Domination”. A great Gift Box with 1000 gold can be obtained when your accumulated points reaches the target.

③ There is a more detailed goal known as the "Daily Contract", complete them to get points. As you accumulate points till the amount indicated by the goal, you’ll be able to obtain loads of rewards.

④ In addition, click on your avatar, you will be able to see the “Achievement” right next to the Ranking at the bottom left, reach the specified target of each Achievement and you’ll be able to collect an enormous amount of rewards.

My dear Boss, do follow the guidance provided by the Jobs and Achievements and you will definitely become stronger.

Day 4---Hello Boss! I Am Your Private Investment Consultant~

Investing in properties can directly improve your stats, and it is also one of the most important methods for increasing your power. By building the “Invest Center” and clicking on the “Invest” option, you’ll be able to start investing.

Basic Properties are divided into 4 categories: “Resources”, “Criminal Enterprises”, “Turf Defense” & “Crew Capability”.

1.“Resources” property can increase the production speed as well as the Robbing speed of resources.
① To upgrade Mansion, building and train crews, a massive amount of resources is needed.
② As such, investing the “Resource” property is one of the most essential tasks.

2.“Turf Defense” improves the Mansion’s (as well as crew’s) ability to defend and etc.
① Within this property, there is the “First Aid” Property, which is capable of turning 10% of loss crews to wounded, thus greatly reducing losses.

3.“Criminal Enterprises” can improve crew’s load, building speed, crime ops marching speed, Medic capacity and etc.
① More importantly, the “Hospital Expansion” Property can greatly increase the capacity of wounded.

4.“Crew Capability” can improve the crew’s stats.
① For example, the “Crime Ops Crew” Property can increase the amount of crime ops team you can send out.
② While “Leadership” Property can increase the amount of crew a single crime ops team can have.
③ Investing in “Crew Capacity” can greatly increase your combat ability.

Invest more, get more!

Day 5---OMG! I Want To Survive But How?

1. Role of Prison
Within the City Map are numerous ruined Prisons, which is the starting point for the Cops Raid. But one can always send crews to explore the Prison, since crews within the Prison cannot be attacked by other leaders, it is a great method to avoid battle and reduce loss.

2. Truce Item
Truce can be used to prevent the user from being spied or attacked during the duration it is in effect. It is the ideal method to use when one cannot withstand an attack or won’t be logging in for a while.
Please note: Crews outside the mansion will remain unprotected from being attacked even when you have used the Truce Item.

3. Resource Accumulation
Unprotected resources might be robbed by other Leaders, where as cash will also be consumed by crews. Therefore when preparing to upgrade an important building, the first thing to do is to ensure its safety, if necessary one can always use truce; another way would be to use salary reduction to reduce the Cash consumed by crews or by accumulating the resource items by completing jobs and use it when needed.

Day 6---War Ends In War

Click on enemy’s Turf or resource plot and select “Attack”, dispatch your crews and you’ll be able to attack. When the sent crew arrives at the location, the will begin attacking the defenders.

2. Spy and Anti-spy
Upgrade before attacking, well be even better if you first spy the enemy's Turf or the resource plot (where the crew are busy robbing) to gain information in regard to the defensive crew, before deciding to attack. Upgrading "Radar" can support you with more detail when being attacked or attacking. Items like "Anti-spy" can be used to prevent your Turf from being spied for a period of time. Thus preventing the enemy form making any sudden move.

3. Raid and Reinforce
Click on enemy’s Turf and select “Raid” and choose a Raiding Time to launch an attack from the clan. Clan members can respond to raid and send out crews, the max amount of crew is determined by the Level of the “Clan Hall” of the one who starts the Raid. Crews that were sent to the Raid will meet up during Raiding time and start marching once the time ends. If attacking a powerful enemy, it would be best to use the Raid.

When a member of your clan is being targeted, players can click on that member’s Turf and select “Reinforce” to help that member defend against the attack. The amounts of crew that can be sent as reinforce are determined by the level of the “Clan Club” of the recipient.

:u1F60A: Let us know about your idea about our Newbie Community in comments, like if you want to learn more or what do you want to know about. Thanks for your supporting! :u1F60A:

Mafia City Newbie Community (•ө•) ♡

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