Las vegas event, ubnormal situation

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4fun Cristy_S1119
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Las vegas event, ubnormal situation

Post by 4fun Cristy_S1119 » 05/17/21 9:37 pm

I go to a las vegas event, send 5 troops to gather, in the meantime I am attacked and get reports of loss, 5 gatherers attacked once and 5 times loss of 14,721 soldiers, I lose about 70k soldiers, but report a loss of 269k to me which is unrealistic because I haven't lost that many troops, I've healed all my troops and I've lost 2.5 million power forever ... In this moment my truff been bubled and not attacked. unrealistic because I don't have reports of so many losses. When I train 1500 soldiers, I gain 10k strength, according to reports, I lost about 70k soldiers, which translates to about half a million strength, but my strength is reduced by 2.5 million forever, I don't know what's happening. If I don't delete the game in the end it will be fine ....
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  • 4fun Cristy_S1119 » 05/17/21 9:39 pm
    I have all report of this battle and i have all screen shoots.... :u1F621: :u1F624: :u1F624: :u1F62D:
  • SecretaryGM Iris » 05/19/21 8:20 am
    Troops lost in the Las Vegas event will die like battles on the normal map. You may purchase medical certification to heal them. When battle happens at the gathering spot, all the troops will be wounded. However, your troops will die when your hospital reaches max capacity.

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