New Update Is Here ( version 1.2. 23)

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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New Update Is Here ( version 1.2. 23)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 01/25/18 4:00 am

【New Content】
※Clan Secret Base: Hide Crew, Avoid Losses
※Whole New Lv. 43 Equipment: Exchange top-class Equipment and Dominate Mafia City

【New Feature】
※Clan Kickback: New “Collect All” feature
※When there is not enough VIP Points, a upgrade tip will be added to the tag
※New Avatar Picture: More choices
※Included new sound and special effects

【Optimize & Adjust Content】
※Church Display Optimization: Display will prioritize ongoing event
※Black Market Optimization: Displays the amount of Check owned as well as included entrance to access Red Wine
※Tournament Optimization: Displays the equipped Roadster during challenge
※Leadership Transfer Optimization: Informs all members of leadership transfer in the form of mail
※Super Bonus Interface Optimization: Optimize experience and display on Tablet & PC
※Adjust: All uncollected Weekly, Monthly, Exclusive Privilege and etc rewards must be manually collected from their corresponding interfaces

【Repair Content】
※Repaired part of the system message’s language issue
※Repaired the abnormal display issue after entering the Clash of Mafia event
※Repaired the hierarchy issue between the Emojis and the clan message
※Repaired the abnormal text content issue displayed on the pop-up, from buying packs
※Repaired the issue with some of the Clan Bounty event’s task progress
※Repaired the issue where the scenery shifts when sliding the screen to collect resource
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