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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.732)

Posted: 09/16/19 5:25 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
【New Content】
1. Rival Feature: Data from cross-server battles can also be recorded.
2. Event Center:
(1) Added some Properties for increasing Crew Attacks into the [Advanced Arms] section.
(2) Added the new [Raid Assault] Property—immediately set off your first initiated Raid from your current initiated Raids upon usage.

【New Feature】
1. Decoration Feature:
(1) Added the new [Red Dysphoria] Turf Effect which can be obtained through the Chuseok event.
(2) Added the new [Autumn Fury Ops] Decoration which can be obtained through the Chuseok event.
2. Growth Plan: Added the new [Vigilante Growth Fund 4] that will be unlocked after the rewards from the first 3 Vigilante Growth Fund have been full claimed.

【Optimizations & Adjustments】
1. Optimized and updated some of the interfaces. Adjusted and modified some of the description.
2. Vigilante Arena Optimization: event details can now be viewed at the Monastery outside the Mansion wall.
3. Equipment Exchange Optimization: can now directly head to the safe to unlock the Equipment under lock status that is need during exchange.
4. 7 Days Domination Optimization: a red dot indicator will be displayed when there are rewards to be collected.
5. Adjustment: Bonds will temporary not be recyclable at the Scrap Collector.

【Fixed Content】
1. The issue with the incorrect timer displayed on the Underground Tournament entrance at the main interface has been fixed.
2. The issue where the formations in Vigilante Arena can’t be saved after editing multiple Ops Formation has been fixed.

Re: New Update Is Here (version 1.3.732)

Posted: 02/21/20 4:06 pm
by topHer_S831