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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.666)

Posted: 07/11/19 5:42 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
【New Content】
1. New Vigilante: The Steadfast Soldier—Reo Sakurai has arrived!
2. Decoration System: added a new Decoration series, the [Flag Column]. (It can be used to change the appearance of the flagpole displayed)
3. Clan Kickback:
(1) Added a new [Major Kickback] History feture.
(2) The Collect All feature can now be used to collect the Minor Clan Kickbacks.

【New Feature】
1. Added a new VIP Privilege feature [Exchange Emblem in Bulk]. (Unlocked at VIP 8)
2. Turf Buff: added the [12-Hr Attack Bonus (+40%)] and the [12-Hr Defense Bonus (+40%)] features into the list of Turf Buff options.
3. Contract Agency: additional [Hitman Service Time Reduction] effect can be gained once the building reaches Elite Level.
4. Added new sound and special effects.

【Optimization & Adjustment】
1. Optimized and updated some interfaces. Adjusted and modified some descriptions.
2. Optimized Investment Center: Properties displayed under the recommended section will correspond to the section they are classified in.
3. Optimized Mail: various emoji and Stickers can now also be used when you are trying to initiate a private chat.
4. Optimized City Royal: the current Battle and battle time will now also be viewed.
5. Chip Usage Optimization: the option to head to the Lucky Wheel is now also available after using the Chip Items.
6. Optimized Turf Interaction: your boys will notify you when the Training Camps or Investment Center is Idle.
7. Adjustment: added and adjusted some of the Lottery Wheel’s Reward.

【Fixed Content】
1. Fixed the display issue at the ranking interface of the Wealth Battle event.
2. Fixed the displayed issue on the Cops Raid interface at the Clan Battle.
3. Fixed the display issue with the Load and traveling time shown when Crew Members are traveling.
4. Fixed the issue where the position of the Turf’s Star level is displayed incorrectly.
5. Fixed the display issue with the data of the two sides battling in Clash of Mafia Playoff.