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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.609)

Posted: 05/16/19 7:58 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
【New Content】
1.Brand New Vigilante: Ultimate Enforcer [Jane]——
She's quick-witted and skilled in both combat & tactical. Increases Bulker's Attack, Defense, and Health!
2.Decorations: A new Turf Effect [Bubble World] !
3. Monument of Glory: Added [Trial By Storm-Turf Effect] Achievement

【New Feature】
1.Turf Buff: New [Conqueror’s Path Attack Bonus] & [Conqueror’s Path Defense Bonus] Items!
2.Added new sounds & special effects!

【Optimization & Adjustments】
1.Optimized and updated certain interface features. Adjusted and modified descriptions.
2.Optimized Raid Features:
(1)Clan Members can now join Raids by clicking on the bubble icon above the Turf of the Raid Initiator.
(2)Those who join Raids can now also view the distance between the Raid Initiator’s Turf and their own Turf at the Clan Battle interface.
3.Optimized Conqueror’s Path:
(1)Both the [Gas Station] & [Wreckage Site] will only refresh within specific locations of the Map.
(2)You can now enter the Conqueror’s Path Battlefield via the [Church] building in the Turf!
(3)A red dot indicator will appear if the Mayor and Secretary have not checked the [Mayor Privileges] & [Battle Time].
(4)You can now see a number indicating how many of your allies are Occupying a Gather Site!
4.Optimized Item Redeeming: When redeeming a Decoration, an indication of whether you already own the corresponding Decoration will appear.
5.Optimized Event Calendar:
(1)Ongoing Events will now also display when the event will end.
(2)Upcoming Events will now also display when the event will start!
6.Optimized Turf Interactions: When putting out fires, there will be an animation to display fire trucks putting out the fire.

Re: New Update Is Here (version 1.3.609)

Posted: 06/02/19 12:10 pm
by Mafia8DDAEE581_S581
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