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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.601)

Posted: 05/09/19 7:05 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
【New Content】
1.Vigilante Achievement: Records each Vigilante’s Kills & Win Rate when leading Ops.
2.VIP Privilege:
(1)Prioritize searching of better Resource Site: Unlocks at SVIP 1.
(2)Buy All Goods in Yacht with a Click: Unlocks at SVIP 1.
3.Overview Feature: Added new [Hitman Service].
4.Added new Sound & Special Effects.

【Optimization & Adjustment】
1.Optimized & updated certain interface. Adjusted & modified certain description.
2.Optimized Smuggler: After Goods have been refreshed, a bubble indicator will appear at the entrance.
3.Optimized Battle Report: Can now compare the Attributes of the Attacker with the Defender.
4.Optimized Street Force Report: When battle failed, an optional crime ops formation will be provided for reference.
5.Optimized Contract Agency: Players can now seek Help from Clan Member after hiring the Hitman Service.
6.Optimized Plantation: When the Guard dog’s Satiety reaches 0, a bubble of the current in use Guard Dog will appear above the Plantation.
7.Optimized Newbie Teleport: Corresponding Retrieval Compensation will be sent via mail when the unused [Newbie Teleport] are retrieved.
8.Optimized Clan Property: When invested Clan Property is completed, a mail notice will be sent to the Clan R4s & R5.

【Repair Content】
1.Repaired the incorrect display issue with the Event Force’s Remaining Times
2.Repaired the abnormal notice, when selecting the preset formation that is currently outside Turf during Underground Tournament.