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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.585)

Posted: 04/25/19 12:55 pm
by SecretaryGM Iris
【New Content】
1.Hitman System:
(1)Contract Agency: A place where the various Hitmen are gathered. Hitman Coins and Resources can be spent to hire Hitman for their professional assassin services (Unlocked at Lv. 23 Mansion)
(2)Hitman Hotel: A place where the Hitman Coin can be earned. Tons of Hitman Coins can be obtained by sheltering and providing Hitman with daily services (Unlocked at Lv. 23 Mansion)
2.Babe System: Ace Racer [Lena]——The Underworld’ Queen of The Race
3.New Vigilante: Crime Lord [Vlad]——Kingpin of the North
4.Monument of Glory:
(1)New Achievement [Eternal Love-Name Tag], [Eternal Love-Avatar Frame], and [Eternal Love-Chat Bubble]
(2)New Achievement [Devil’s Return-Turf Effect]

【New Feature】
1.Story Plot: added Chapter 19 & 20
2.Sticker: Added new Sticker [Jennifer]
3.Reward Center: Added [Return Invitation], Rewards can be obtained from Inviting Leaders to return
4.Individual Event: Added new objective [Hire Hitman]
5.Added certain new Sound & Special Effects

【Optimizations & Adjustments】
1.Optimized & Updated Interface. Adjusted & Modified certain description
2.Optimized Open Recruitment: The highest Power Standard has been changed to 5M
3.Optimized Item Redeem: Items with Permanent duration will be listed at the very top
4.Optimized Attribute Display: Can now view the Roadster’s Alter Attribute & Collection’s Attribute at the Leader’s Info interface

【Repair Content】
1.Repaired the abnormal display issue resulted from being directed to the First Aid Center via the Healing Center