New Update Is Here ( version 1.2.6 )

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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New Update Is Here ( version 1.2.6 )

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 01/11/18 6:36 am

【New Content】
※ Resource Collecting: Click on the resource bubble once to collect all resources of the same kind.
※ Clan Main Interface: Includes “Clan Gift” Entrance

【New Feature】
※ Super Bonus: Included “Event Center” Entrance
※ New Avatar Picture: Providing more choices
※ Included new sound and special effect

【Optimize & Adjust Content】
※ Battle Report Notice: Victory and Defeat notice will be displayed in different forms
※ Unlock Empty Plots: Optimized Guide experience before, during and after battle
※ Sheltering Babe Pop-up: Displays the entrance of Exclusive Privilege & optimized display effect after reward doubled
※ Optimization of the display timing and interface of the City Map Introduction Tip
※ Resource Changing effect: Optimized the highlighting and animation
※ Plot Task Optimization: While doing the Attack Street Force Task, can click for tips
※ Optimized Display of Recharge Rebate: The main interface entrance will preferentially display events that has already started
※ Optimized part of interface: Interface Update
※ Adjustment: Move the “View Banner” & “Donation Ranking” into Manage option
※ Adjustment: Change the New City Contest’s Reward collecting requirement from reach ranking to reach goal
※ Distinguishes the battle results displayed within the Battle Report and Street Force Battle Report

【Repair Content】
※ Repaired the abnormal display issue with the button on the Mansion’s Info interface
※ Repaired the abnormal display issue with the attributes on the Set
※ Repaired the hierarchical issue with the Wealth Badge
※ Repaired the issue where progress is not displayed on the Clan Collaboration Task’s interface page
※ Repaired the abnormal interface displayed after demolishing the Ammu-Nation
※ Repaired the abnormal display issue with the crew on the Crime Ops Formation interface
※ Repaired the issue where the appearing of TIPS will interrupt the Building’s movement
※ Repaired the issue where asking for help is not possible when investing in property from the City Map

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