New Update Is Here (version 1.3.555)

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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SecretaryGM Iris
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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.555)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 03/14/19 6:05 am

【New Content】
1.Whole New Vigilante: Lady Boss [Holly]——Most Powerful Women of Mafia, bearing both beauty and intellect. Owns 4 Passive skill along with Resource Battle Skill
2.Included New Chapter: Chapter 17 & 18
3.Included New Language: [Italian], can be changed at the [Setting] –[Language]

【New Feature】
1.Mafia Slogan: Included new translation feature, can now translate other leader’s Slogan to your own language
2.Plantation: Included new [Steal Flower] interaction feature, head to other leader’s Plantation to steal their Flower
3.Clan Badge: Included new [Affection Badge], can be obtained from the [2019 White Valentine] event
4.Included Certain Sound & Special Effect

【Optimize & Adjust】
1.Optimized & Updated Certain Interface; Adjusted Certain Description
2.Optimized Oath Gift’s Notice: Chat Preview bar will no longer display indication when the Oath Gift in City Chat is not collected after a long time
3.Optimized Latest Info: The Leader’s Informant will bring your various news. Tend to appear nearby Casino
4.Optimized Plantation: During Plantation, special indicator will be added to Lucky Seed
5.After deleting coordinate, list will remain at the same place and not back to the top
6.Adjust: Adjusted the Limited Lottery’s reward--[Lightening Streak Ops (3 Days)] to [Vigilante Fragment redeem Box]

【Repair Content】
1.Repaired the issue where the “Hot” indicator appears in the list when selecting Vigilante to lead Ops
2.Repaired the abnormal issue with the indicator of Clan Collaboration Task
3.Repaired the display issue with Daily Contract Reward when Mansion is leveling to Lv. 30
:u1F600: :u1F602: :u1F605: :u1F606: :u1F607: :u1F608: :u1F60A: :u1F60D: :u1F60E: :u1F60F: :u1F610: :u1F618: :u1F61D: :u1F61E: :u1F621: :u1F624: :u1F625: :u1F628: :u1F629: :u1F62D: :u1F62F: :u1F631: :u1F635: :u1F637:
  • T҉öŃÿ D҉ôŃūT҉ż_S487 » 03/17/19 1:45 am
    When are you going to fix the profile pic problem? My account is stuck on this and won’t allow me to select it to change over to diffeeent accounts and cities. I am currently stuck with a blinking profile pic that would not allow me to switch over to different account. Because of this, my screen is frozen and won’t allow me to choose any type of options, even to chat on clan or city chat, or any other option to move about the city etc. many of us are stuck on accounts that won’t allow us to change over. I’ve seen post after post on Facebook about the same issues. Are you aware of this problem? I had downloaded the new update and the results are still the same. Please revert back to previous version and rework on the one you just created. This update did nothing but ruin many account holders accounts. :u1F621: :u1F621: :u1F621:

V E N O M_S462
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Re: New Update Is Here (version 1.3.555)

Post by V E N O M_S462 » 03/19/19 10:56 pm

I have same problem i can’t create gems and can’t see half my buildings
:u1F600: :u1F602: :u1F605: :u1F606: :u1F607: :u1F608: :u1F60A: :u1F60D: :u1F60E: :u1F60F: :u1F610: :u1F618: :u1F61D: :u1F61E: :u1F621: :u1F624: :u1F625: :u1F628: :u1F629: :u1F62D: :u1F62F: :u1F631: :u1F635: :u1F637:

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