New Update Is Here (version 1.3.550)

Official Mafia City release notes can be found here.
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New Update Is Here (version 1.3.550)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 03/08/19 3:24 am

【New Content】
1.Monument of Glory:
(1)Included New Turf Achievement: [Grand Tycoon]; increases Biker Attack & Defence by 3% upon unlock
(2)Included New Ops Achievement: [Legendary Overlord]; increases Bulker Attack & Defence by 2% upon unlock
2.Governor of Mafia:
(1)Included New Honor Point; Point can be obtained for each Crew Lost, obtained Point can be used to redeem items and Governor of Mafia exclusive decorations
(2)Included certain new Governor’s Statue; can display exclusive Statue at respective State after becoming Governor
3.Turf Effect: Included New [Lair of Fierce Lion] & [Lair of Battle Bear]
4.Godfather’s Collection: Included New [Lv. 42 Godfather’s Watch]

【New Feature】
1.Overview: Included New Display Setting; displays a red indicator when there are idle Queue(s)
2.Include New [Light Up!] Interaction, displays Interaction Effect over the Turf upon usage—Obtained through [Mafia Handbook] event
3.Included Certain Sound & Special Effect

【Optimize & Adjust】
1.Optimized & Updated certain Interface; Adjusted Certain Description
2.Daily Contract Optimization: Super Bonus entrance at the main interface can be used to be directed to the Daily Contract interface, when there are rewards that can be collected
3.Clan Territory Optimization: Will notify Clan’s R5 & R4s to upgrade Defence Tower when there is enough Clan Gasoline via mail
4.Vigilante List Optimization: The Label “Hot” will appear when the event for the often used Vigilante is on; can be directly directed to event interface by clicking the label
5.Clan Collaboration Task Optimization: An indicator will be displayed at the Clan’s interface when there are Task that can be collected or is completed
6.Invest Center Optimization: The effect of Equipment Property’s [Black Market Check Trading] will take effect immediately after invest is completed
7.Truce Optimization: When Truce expire, reason for Truce Expired will be sent via mail
8.Adjust: Adjusted certain Day’s Reward in the Greeting Gift
9.Adjust: Reduced Clan Contest’s League level from Lv. 11 to Lv. 9

【Repair Content】
1.Repaired the abnormal display issue with the “New” Tag in Vigilante List
2.Repaired the issue where Starring the default Turf Decoration will display the notice of this Decoration having duration
3.Repaired the issue where the Mansion Star Level Setting does not take effect immediately in the Cross-Server event
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