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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.529)

Posted: 02/28/19 5:34 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
【New Content】
1. New Vigilante: Warrior Monk---Gilbert. Weaken The Enemy's Defence Through Fear!
2. New Chapter: Chapter 15 and 16

【New Feature】
1. Added Bolivia Flag
2. Added New Interaction Item--Light Up! Can Be Obtained From Mafia City Handbook Event
3. Added New Special Effect and Sound Effect

【Optimize & Adjust】

1. Optimized & Updated Certain Interface; Adjusted Certain Description
2. Optimized Governor Of Mafia: The Loss Troops Directly From Battle And In Death Fight Will be Placed In First Aid Center
3. Optimized Ranking: Top 3 In Ranking List Will Get Totally Different Special Mark
4. Optimized Coordinates: Coordinates Can Be Shared To Private Chat
5. Optimized Elite Buildings: There Will Be Whole New Appearances After Buildings Be Upgraded to Elite Lv.5
6. Optimized Grand Auction Event: Decoration Owned Will Be Marked During Auction

【Repair Content】
1. Repaired The Issue Where No Tips About Wounded In Clan Hospital Pop Up When Quit A Clan