New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.503)

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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.503)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 01/24/19 11:06 am

【New Content】
1.Vigilante System:
Business Tycoon [Marwan]——Money is Power! The Era of Tycoons, fates are in my grasp!
2. Monument of Glory: Included new Name Tag, Avatar Frame & Chat Bubble achievement——[Grand Celebration]

【New Feature】
1.Godfather’s Quote: Included new Lessons on [Vigilante], [Plantation] & [Governor of Mafia]
2.Plantation: Included New Green Quality Flowers into Plantation Management; Green Flower Management can be unlocked after planting corresponding Green Quality Seed
3.Included New Spring festival Loud Speaker
4.Included Certain New Sound & Special Effect

【Optimize & Adjust】
1.Optimized & Updated Certain Interface; Adjusted Certain Description
2.Optimized Vigilante’s Equipment Display: Long press equipped Vigilante Equipment to view Equipment’s Attribute details
3.Optimized Exclusive Privilege: Can renew the Exclusive Privilege 5 days before it expires
4.Optimized Reinforcement: Mail notice will be sent when Reinforcement are recalled
5.Optimized Leader’s Equipment Display: Equipped Leader Equipment will display additionally gained Attributes; long press to view where they come from
6.Tournament Optimization: Can pre-set to included Vigilante when challenging in Tournament
7.Optimized Gem’s Means of Obtain: Can now directly synthesis Gem Coupons on the Obtain Means’ interface
8.Adjust: Adjusted certain equipment’s Attributes

【Repair Content】
1.Repaired the issue where the previously garrisoned Vigilante will not be Garrisoned from returning to Turf after the Ops Strengthening Property is unlocked
2.Repaired the abnormal notice after Reinforcing occupied Polling Station
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