New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.356)

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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.356)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 11/29/18 7:41 am

【New Feature】
1.Sound Setting: Can now control whether to play the sound of Seagull & Wave
2.Included certain new Sound & Special effect

【Optimize & Adjust Content】
1.Optimized & Updated certain interface: Adjusted certain descriptions
2.Optimized Event Center: Popular Event will be displayed at the top of the Event List
3.Optimized Leader Info: [Elite Building] section will only be displayed when Mansion reached Lv. 30
4.Optimized Battle Report: Report will now display Attacking & Defending Turf’s Attributes
5.Optimized Governor of Mafia: Can directly click Territory or Map to view corresponding Territory
6.Optimized Chat: A notice will be sent when frequently sending Chat Message
7.Optimized Pawnbroker: Equipment’s Quality Probability after Completion will be displayed after Equipment Exchange
8.Adjust: Adjusted the Redeem Point of certain item in Plantation Store

【Repair Content】
1.Repaired the abnormal display issue after demolishing an Elite Building
2.Repaired the issue where the City Royal’s Winning Streak is not discontinued when there is zero crew in Turf
3.Repaired the abnormal display issue with certain Flag in City Map
4.Repaired the abnormal status issue with certain Vigilante after selecting Vigilante to lead Ops
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