New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.316)

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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.316)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 11/01/18 2:33 pm

【New Content】
1.Celebrate 2-Year Anniversary: Mafia City is almost 2 years old, the Turf and scenery will be decorated in celebration of the Anniversary
2.Elite Building: Buildings outside the wall now also have new appearance when leveled to Elite level

【New Feature】
1.Monument of Glory: Included New Name Tag Achievement
2.New Plot: Chapter 13, Chapter 14
3.Included certain new sound & special effect

【Optimize & Adjust Content】
1.Optimized & Updated certain interface; adjusted certain description
2.Sound Setting Optimization: Can now control the sound volume of active skill and login music
3.Friend Invitation Optimization: Bubble Notice will appear on Turf when there are rewards to be collected on the Friend Invitation interface
4.VIP Store Optimization: Notice will be displayed at the Chopper Apron when VIP Store opens
5.Energy Optimization: Item Usage Entrance will be displayed at the Leader info page when Energy is below 50
6.Super Raid Optimization: Adds the Super Raid Option to the Raid Panel (reducing operation steps)
7.Governor of Mafia Optimization: Event Interface will display the location of each state
8. Clan Bounty Optimization: Adjusted the clan bounty level promotion rule, details can be viewed at Event Rule Intro

【Repair Content】
1.Repaired the issue where Point Gathered at the Governor of Mafia event are unable to be used to redeem certain items
2.Repaire the issue where Vigilante with NO Gather Attribute are selected by default when send ops to Gather resources
3.Repaired the issue where the player’s Avatar Frame are not displayed on the Governor’s Officials Interface
4.Repaired the issue where emoji sent by in-game gm are not displayed properly
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