New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.278)

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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.278)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 09/20/18 8:47 am

【New Content】
1.Vigilante System: The Flame never dies, domination is his only aim—The Pyromancer Fire Lord Has arrived; greatly increases Crew attack
2.Past Mafia Plot: The past of Mafia is only just the beginning, new Plot Review feature is now available, click to view Plot
3.Vigilante Equipment: Included New Vigilante Equipment Set; can now set and instant equip equipment
4.Title System: Included new Title system at the decoration interface, gain Title effect when activated
5. Elite Mansion Monthly Pack: Available to Mansion Lv. 30 and Above

【New Feature】
1. Daily Crime Wave: Event's Top 1 Player will get the Exclusive Mightiest Leader Decoration (including Name Tag, Avatar Frame and Chat Bubble)
2.Scrape Collector: Can now recycle resource production item
3.Software Update Detection: Heads to Store and Update or detect whether current version needs to be updated (from within the Setting Option)
4.Include certain new sound and special effect

【Optimize & Adjust Content】
1.Optimized & Updated certain interface page; modified certain description
2.Vigilante EXP Obtain Optimization: included entrance to obtain at the EXP usage interface
3.Crew Skill Optimization: Clicking on locked skills will be directed to Invest Center to view related Property
4.Godfather Collection Optimization: Included Godfather’s Coin obtaining entrance at the upper right corner of the Godfather’s Collection interface
5.VIP Display Optimization: Include new [Formation Preset Amount], available after reaching VIP5
6.Clash of Mafia Optimization: Can now see which clan owns which building on the map
7.Adjust: usage of the Minor Clan Oath Gift obtained from Defeating the [Venom] might have chance to gain Vigilante Set Blueprint Fragment (Will no longer obtain Leader Set Blueprint Fragment as drops)

【Repair Content】
1.Repaired the issue where there is not Raid Tag displayed within the Medicine Battle event
2.Repaired the issue where the training amount was not increased after investing in the [Biker: Special Training] property
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