New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.160)

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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.160)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 07/05/18 9:10 am

【New Content】
1. Roadster Club: Whole new Roadster awaits to be unlocked
2. Godfather’s Collection: New Lv. 40 Godfather’s Cane

【New Feature】
1. Equipment Set: New Equipment Set 4 & 5 available through invest
2. Bookmark: New management feature, can delete multiple favorite coordinates
3. Cross-Server Map: Can now share cords from cross-server map to Clan Chat
4. Included certain sound & special effect

【Optimize & Adjust】
1. Search Optimization: Notification will appear when Search cannot find player
2. When changing Clan Banner or reporting Player’s message, a second confirmation pop up box has been added
3. Optimized Usage of Crew Recruitment Item: after usage, crew obtained amount & type will be displayed on pop-up box, multiple recruitment item can also be used at a time
4. When staring up mansion decoration, displays notice if Star Up probability is not 100%
5. Clicking on the Clan Help icon at the main interface will directly Help all members instead of entering the Help interface
6. Optimized Godfather’s Collection: Attributes from Multi-Alter will be displayed from high quality to low quality
7. Loud Speaker Optimization: Can now display 2 Loud Speaker message at a time
8. Optimized clan Management: Can now select reason when kicking member out of Clan
9. Yacht Optimization: Roses can be replenished if there is insufficient Roses when buying gift
10. Babe Star Up Optimization: Bubble will be indicated above the Mansion when there are gift that can be gifted to Babe
11. When inviting players from City Map, second confirmation will appear
12. Optimized Radar: When under attack Radar will display the cord of the attacker Crime Ops’ destination

【Repair Content】
1. Repaired the abnormal info displayed from sharing Street Force’s cords
2. Repaired the issue where the Plots’ Western District Base might disappear
3. Repaired the abnormal display issue with the Clan Battle’s History
4. Repaired the abnormal display issue with Personal Property in Spy Report
5. Repaired the issue with the incorrect buff amount displayed on the Mansion’s buff entrance icon
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