New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.112)

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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.112)

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 05/31/18 9:28 am

-----【New Content】-----
1. Governor of Mafia:
(1) New [Observe] feature
(2) Entrance to Governor of Mafia included into the Church
2. Vigilante System:
(1) New [Vigilante Share] feature
(2) Whole new Vigilante waiting to be unlocked

-----【New Feature】-----
1. Battle Slogan: Displays phrases onto own turf in City Map, unlocked at SVIP 6
2. Clan Management: R5 and R4s can add Remarks to Clan Member
3. Included certain new sound & special effect

-----【Optimize & Adjust Content】-----
1. Optimized & Updated certain interface
2. Optimized Chat: Can copy content onto Clipboard
3. Displays investing time of Clan Property after donation of the property is completed
4. When Crime Ops line crosses over, the attacked Crime Ops line will be initially displayed
5. City Map Thumbnail Optimization: Separate Favorite into different categories
6. Clan Announcement Optimization: Display full content after clicking the Clan Announcement
7. Turf Buff Optimization: Include entrance to [Turf Buff] onto the main interface page
8. Lapidary Complex Optimization: Provide Notice and reminder when Gems are completed
9. Adjust: Adjust location of certain Building within the Turf (Secretary will send [Swap Building] item after update)

-----【Repair Content】-----
1. Repaired the issue where Reinforce is not possible through the Member list, while in the Cross-Server map
2. Repaired the issue where an incorrect mail is sent after leaving Cross-Server Map
3. Repaired the abnormal display issue with certain Obtaining Method
4. Repaired the abnormal Total Speedup time displayed after using Speedup item
5. Repaired the issue with City Map unable to be closed, reverted after hiding UI
6. Repaired the issue where the Street force does not disappear after being defeated
7. Repaired the abnormal display issue with the Vigilante’s Online Reward interface
8. Repaired the issue where the Avatar displayed on the interface is not updated after the Avatar picture has been changed
9. Repaired the issue where the Radar’s red dot does not disappear when being reinforced by multiple Clan member at a time
10. Repaired the issue where selection of amount of item to be used is available when using buff item on the Crime Ops interface

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