New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.5 )

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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.5 )

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 03/23/18 7:40 am

【New Content】
1. City Royal: Included “Supply Building”, various Attribute boosts can be obtained by occupying it

【New Feature】
1. Invest Center: Included more “Mercenary” Property
2. Resource Billboard: Display boosts and debuffs from Official Post
3. Included new sound and special effects

【Optimize & Adjust Content】
1. Optimized certain interface: Interface Update
2. Adjusted certain text and picture
3. Entrance into “Daily Crime Wave” and “Individual Event” will be displayed on Main Interface page when event opens
4. Optimized Pop-up box during switching accounts to reduce chance of losing account due to accident
5. Optimized Upgrading Effect: effect display time is reduced when continuously upgrading
6. Optimized movement of Crime Ops during march
7. Optimized display effect of pack interface on Tablet
8. Adjust: “Pawnbroker” unlocks Set feature when it reaches Lv. 10
9. Adjust: Effect of Loudspeaker can at most last for 30 second on the Main Interface

【Repair Content】
1. Repaired the issue where clicking the button on synthesis interface does not respond after removing Equipment
2. Repaired the issue where icon is not displayed on top the Invest Center after Instantly completed an Investment
3. Repaired the abnormal display issue with certain player’s avatar picture
4. Repaired the issue where Flower item cannot be redeemed
5. Repaired the issue where the skill “Shakedown” and “Craftsman” cannot be used on the City Map
6. Repaired the issue where the “Ammu-Nation” and “Smelter” icons are not displayed in the Resource Billboard
7. Repaired the issue where the back button within a moving Crime Ops’ interface disappeared
8. Repaired the issue where the Clan’s Badge is not displayed on the Clan Ranking in Cop Raid Event

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