Loss limits from bigger account

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Zoey 2004_S1036
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Loss limits from bigger account

Post by Zoey 2004_S1036 » 01/24/21 10:12 pm

There has to be a way to limit losses when an account with 15 million attacks an account with 3 million.
I was attacked by 300k t-10 with my base having 300k total with T-8 and t-7. My total troop attack is 98k.
This is not good. Why cant the formula for losses be based on % difference. 5 times the size would be 1/5 the losses.
If you think people are going to keep dumping money into the game when that keeps happening you are wrong.
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  • SecretaryGM Iris » 01/26/21 7:24 am
    Sorry to hear that, please remember to activate your shield to keep your base safe next time.

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