All suggestions and ideas are welcome!

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SecretaryGM Iris
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All suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 03/31/20 8:14 am

Revered Leader:

If you have any suggestions or ideas in daily gaming, don't hesitate to tell us! We are collecting them every week now!
Maybe one of the update contents is from your words! Everything is OK! Just let us know:)
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  • Michael Franzes_S501 » 07/31/20 9:37 am
    There are many things you should be able to buy with the money you have in the Bank!! Players should'nt have to use their Gold to buy the (Advanced Teleport) and players should be able to relocate to any city they choose without having to wait for the migration event to start!! Also playwrs should'nt have to use their gold to upgrade the ( Vigulanties) and players should be able to get any Vigulanti that they wanna get without having to wait months on end for the (Vigulanti Event) to start!! Players should be able to get any one they choose without having to pay for packs that they can't buy!! And their needs to be an adminastrater to watch the city chat!! Becouse a lot of clans have Clan leaders and \or players that bad mouth other players and DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES- of the game and the city Mayors do nothing about them!! THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! PERIOD
  • ꧁༺real boss ༻꧂_S375 » 08/17/20 6:40 pm
    Many cities inactive currently and new cities opening going on continuesly, I think MC should merge dead cities together based on lower performance in events such as players daily players login details or something, but if there is any big profile player available they should merge with similar players city as well

    Please check my suggestion instead of increasing new cities
    Thank you
  • beastyboy Sunny_S999 » 08/18/20 4:48 am
    Can we get a one piece luffy stickers. If its possible thanks...
  • Boss235D2C1045_S1045 » 08/27/20 9:21 am
    :u1F608: yes blockchain I show u how to play
  • MafieuxEA60211133_S1133 » 11/24/20 2:09 pm
    :u1F60D: attack

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Re: All suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Post by DUB XTACULAR_S925 » 05/09/20 2:16 pm

Ability to plant tracking devices in buildings and on persons, linking their radar to enemy.
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Re: All suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Post by UnSeenProoF_S1342 » 11/07/21 8:10 am

Crew members.

We get Crew members as rewards from mercenaries and streets but once your level is so high the T6 - T-1 Crew rewards kind of become useless but you can only redeem them and then disband them.

But that's a waste of rewards right? We really don't need them if we have a Crew compacity and would rather fill it with T7-T11 to be stronger.

I think we should be able to sell those Crew rewards to the vendors for rewards and or some type of currencies

and if we redeem them and have to disband
them from the Crew I think we should be rewarded for the members disbanded somehow

For instance it's all these kill this many get this reward box etc collect this many get this reward package etc then it should be the same for the Crew member rewards

Disband 100 T6 get 200 gold or this gift box
Or combine 300 T6 Crew members to obtain 150 T7 crew members and so on.
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Screenshot_20211107-023131_Mafia City.jpg
Once disbanded they are just gone and we get nothing for it just threw away 10000 crew member rewards everyday you play cause you don't need T6 and would rather have T7-T11
Screenshot_20211107-023125_Mafia City.jpg
Only option is to disband which means wasted time obtain a reward to throw it away to make space for more stronger crew members
Screenshot_20211107-023111_Mafia City.jpg
All T2-T6 are just a waste of space when you are higher level and can fill your crew Capacity with T-7- T11
Screenshot_20211107-015624_Mafia City.jpg
Only option is to redeem or use this reward but they are no longer needed when you have T7-T11

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