Defense weapons and defending ops size

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Defense weapons and defending ops size

Post by BonannoSupreme_S364 » 02/19/19 3:51 pm

Guys how does Defense work? If my crime opz size is 60000 but i have 100k troops in mansion, then when I get attacked how many will defend? Do they all defend???

And also how does def weapons work? Does each weapon get used by one troop? And does the atk get added to the troop dmg?
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  • ͠V͠α͠т͠6͠9_S510 » 06/18/19 11:27 am
    30% defence 70% attack :u1F618:
  • imran khan 24_S849 » 03/16/20 8:24 am
    What i do for defence failiar
  • SecretaryGM Iris » 03/24/20 8:03 am
    All crews in base will participate in defensing. Defense weapons only works when you have crew in base and it's not like each weapon get used by one troop, it's like a special unit only active when defending your base. Defense weapons have their own attributes and not involved in your crew buffs.

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