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by UnSeenProoF_S1342
11/07/21 8:10 am
Forum: Suggestion
Topic: All suggestions and ideas are welcome!
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Re: All suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Crew members. We get Crew members as rewards from mercenaries and streets but once your level is so high the T6 - T-1 Crew rewards kind of become useless but you can only redeem them and then disband them. But that's a waste of rewards right? We really don't need them if we have a Crew compacity and...
by UnSeenProoF_S1342
11/07/21 7:37 am
Forum: Public Forum
Topic: Turf decoration
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Re: Turf decoration

Turf decorations should be easier to obtain period ... they cost a lot of money to finally get 1 permanent.. all Dec ok r should be easier and cheaper to obtain.

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