Problem with babes skills upgrade

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Miami Zoe_S550
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Problem with babes skills upgrade

Post by Miami Zoe_S550 » 11/10/19 6:25 am

I leveled up my babe Karina today 3x Advance Production problem is instead of the amount going up it went down prior to me leveling her up I was making 265000hr CASH after reaching Advance Production 3 I'm now making 165000hr CASH whats going one here Im Mansion lvl26 I have 5 counterfeiters that are lvl24 I have 2 purple equipment that gives 2 cash production bonus each normally when I upgrade cash production it goes up not down its already hard enough collecting cash with my 5 million power this will make it impossible please help explain what's going on I already reset my game thinking the values just didn't add up correctly but thats not the case. My cash production has gone backwards instead of forwards. My upkeep is 750000hr please help.
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  • SecretaryGM Iris » 11/11/19 3:40 am
    It only affects your original production. extra buffs not counting. And your production will drop back when your production item vanished.

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