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Post by BEESY PUSSYCAT_S255 » 02/16/19 4:04 pm

I have been muted from city and clan chat for no reason. I have tried to contact this game in all forums. I'm in city 255 and my name is queenmommy
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  • SecretaryGM Iris » 02/18/19 11:51 am
    Hello boss, mute always have a reason, please recall and think about what offensive words you have said in chat. If your mistake is not very serious, the mute will be canceled in 3 days and you can speak normally, but if you violate the regulation again the mute duration will be longer. If you believe you are muted with no reason and you are innocent. Please kindly contact our GM via in-game portal and we will give you compensation if your statement is true.

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