Mansion Decoration

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Mansion Decoration

Post by ShadowVeil_S339 » 10/22/18 7:04 am

I dont understand why I need to buy a $99.99 basically $100 dollar package to obatin a decoration Mansion skin of (5) Fragments out of (75) so leaving me to spend $1400 more too get 70 of those fragments I'm missing for the mansion decoration. This is a money grubbing design.
Why not sell the Mansion decoration fragments as it's own or lower the price on the package or even add more to the fragments in the package. This is down right a dirty way of taking money from your players. You need to fix this. I expect an answer or reply asap.
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  • JackieEstacado_S438 » 05/08/19 9:41 pm
    Yeah i would not spend that much for it. Yeah the designs are cool i just wish it was a one time payment deal.
  • Nicoleandrade_S581 » 06/01/19 9:45 am
  • SecretaryGM Iris » 06/03/19 9:55 am
    The price of packs for Mansion Decoration will not decrease, but you can attend the Cumulative purchase event. During the event, if you buy packs and reach the 1,000,000 gold tier, you can get a Mansion Decoration for free.
  • ArPee DTX_S593 » 08/10/19 10:15 am
    in other games like this, they have events that gives new design of mansions. no meed tonpay anything. just play thatvevents and some lucky players can have a new beautiful mansion. this would be the best gift for dedicated players can have even without using money.

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