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Gems' Wonderland

Posted: 10/28/17 9:12 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
Hi, boss, how is your day? :u1F61D: It's me, again, your lovely Secretary Iris. :u1F62F:
As we all know, in order to exchange for equipment, 3 items are required: Gem, Check and a sub-equipment. In the previous lesson, i have told you what's the sub-equipment and how it works. So now, we are gonna enter the beautiful world of different colors of Gems. :u1F60D: :u1F60D:

Gems: Each Gem represents a specific stat; as such the gems required to exchange for any equipment will differ in accordance to the stats of that equipment.
Diamond: Improves the construction speed
Amethyst: Improves the investing speed
Garnet: Increases Cash production
Sapphire: Increases Crew Load
Olivine: Increases Defense Weapon’s Attack
Ruby: Increases Bulker Attack
Emerald: Increases Biker Attack
Opal: Increases Shooter Attack
Jade: Increases Vehicle Attack
Tourmaline: Increase Crime Ops speed
Pearl: Increases Medic Center Capacity
Chrysoberyl: Increases Healing speed
Wow, that's a lot. Too hard to remember. :u1F631:

Gems of the same kind are classified into 6 kind of quality: White, Green, Blue, Purple,Orange, Golden
The order of the quality are as follows: White<Green<Blue<Purple<Orange<Golden
A gem of 1 level higher than the used gems can be gained by synthesizing 4 gems of the same kind.
Click on Pwanbroker<Safe<Gem or Click on Lapidary Complex<Safe on the top right of the interface to synthesize gems.

Here comes the highlight of today's topic. :u1F618:
How to make green gem directly without synthesizing four white gems?
Click Mansion<Babe<Second Babe. :u1F60D: Aren't they gorgeous? Lol, sorry, let's continue. :u1F60D: :u1F60D: :u1F60D:
Image Image

After this babe's favor reaches 300, the skill will be unlocked. :u1F60A:

After all these, you might know everything about gems making now. If there is any more concern, please leave comment here. In addition, what lesson do you prefer next? Tell us your ideas below. Thanks for your time. :u1F61D: :u1F61D:

Re: Gems' Wonderland

Posted: 10/28/17 9:47 am
by PRAY_S46
Clash of mafia guide with pictures would be nice? In game it's way too long to read & without pics :u1F610:

Re: Gems' Wonderland

Posted: 10/28/17 12:15 pm
by SecretaryGM Iris
DoesntEvenMatter_S46 wrote:
10/28/17 9:47 am
Clash of mafia guide with pictures would be nice? In game it's way too long to read & without pics :u1F610:
:u1F618: Thanks for your valuable suggestion, we will surely get to that later. :u1F618:

Re: Gems' Wonderland

Posted: 11/22/18 5:36 pm
by Murder Mass_S227
Could you touch base on how to create a vigilante equipment or even the lvl20 leader set of equipment?

I have killed so many mercenaries but I have never been able to get a gem from them. And they also almost never drop equipment fragment pieces and if they do it's only one out of a hundred you need to gather it's just ridiculous. Am I doing something wrong?

Also on a side note, I have 3 accounts and i have been playing for at least a year, and between all 3 accounts, i only have $15 in dirty money (5 in each account). I have never been able to get street forces to drop any so I was wondering if there was a reason for that and if Im missing something. Any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated or if you could point me in the right direction of where to find it.

Thanks in advance!

RE: Equipment

Posted: 01/16/19 2:16 am
by BoOMeRAnG_S153
Which Equipment is the best to make an the best layout/use with Equipment Set 1,2,3 etc.