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Mayor ellection.

Posted: 10/24/17 7:52 pm
by Mano1978_S52
How is city Mayor :roll:

Re: Mayor ellection.

Posted: 10/27/17 5:14 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
Mano1978_S52 wrote:
10/24/17 7:52 pm
How is city Mayor :roll:
Right in the center of the city stand the majestic City Hall along with 4 heavily armed Forts, that is the city’s very symbol of power – better known as Mayor. :u1F60E:
A Mayor is like the creator of the city, and its sit has driven many renowned leaders to insanity! Secretary will now explain to boss the rule of Mayor Election. :u1F60A:
Starting from the opening of the city, the city will begin its preparation for Mayor Election for 2 months. The specific countdown time can be seen by clicking on the City Hall. :u1F61D:
Before the Mayor Election starts, the City Hall and Forts will be in a state of protection. :u1F606: