City Development FAQ

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City Development FAQ

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 02/19/19 8:41 am

City Development

1 Why should I build up my Turf (Upgrade Buildings)?

Mansion is a base for you to build your forces. Building up your Mansion is the most fundamental way to increase your power.
All features available to the Mansion (including the upgrade option) can be seen by clicking on the Mansion.

Within the upgrade option are the building’s requirement as well as the resources requirements. Meet those requirements and you’ll be able to upgrade the building.
To build a new building, just click on an empty plot. You can arrange the location and number of building in accordance to your own preference.
Greenish plots are undeveloped plots, by spending some resources you’ll be able to unlock new plots for more buildings.

As the building’s level increases, so will the efficiency of its function.
For example, upgrading a Hospital can increase the capacity for wounded, while upgrading Clubs will increase the amount of crews to be trained and the training speed.
One of the Ranking list in the Ranking system is Mansion Level. Upgrading buildings can also increase Power. My dear leaders hurry and start upgrading your building and increase your power.

2 Why should I invest property?

Investing in properties can directly improve the stats, and it is also one of the most important method for increasing your power.

By building a “Invest Center” and clicking on the “Invest” option, you’ll be able to start investing.


Properties are divided into 4 categories: “Resources”, “Criminal Enterprises”, “Turf Defense” and “Crew Capability”.


“Resources” property can increase production speed as well as Robbing speed of resources.
To upgrade Mansion, building and train crews, a massive amount of resource are needed.
As such investing on “Resource” property is the most basic of the need to do list.


“Turf Defense” property improves the Mansion’s (as well as crew’s) ability to defend and etc.
Within this property, there is the “First Aid”, which is capable of turning 10% of the loss crews to wounded, thus greatly reducing losses.


“Criminal Enterprises” property can improve crew’s load, building speed, crime ops marching speed, Hospital capacity and etc.
More importantly, the “Hospital Expansion” can greatly increase the max amount of wounded.


Crew Capability can improve the crew’s stats, for example, the “Crime Ops Crew” can increase the amount of crime ops team you can send out.
While “Leadership” can increase the amount of crew a single crime ops team can have.
Investing in Crew Capacity can greatly increase your combat ability.

3 Why Should I become a VIP player?

VIP players can experience a variety of benefits (like: Instant Building Time, All resource output, Marching Speed, Max Marching Crew, increase damage, Increase defense, Increase HP and etc), thus helping VIP player to develop faster and gain greater advantage during battle.
As the VIP level increases the benefits gained becomes more and more obvious. With this we can presume that all VIP are outstanding!
Click on the 【VIP】 button next to the Image and enter the VIP interface. There you can freely scroll the lower part and view the unique benefits for each level of VIP.

4 How do I get VIP Points?

By clicking on the 【Acquire Point】 button on the VIP page, one can enter the purchase page to purchase or use the corresponding point item to raise the VIP level. This is a relatively fast method to level up.
Furthermore, one can also acquire VIP points by completing Jobs and participating in events, etc.

5 How to increase power?
The surest ways to increase power are as follows: train crews, upgrade buildings. When upgrading, the battle difference between the current and original level, will be added to your power.
If you upgrade your level 5 (Power 534) to level 6 (Power 961), you’ll be able to gain 961-534=427 increase in Power.

6 How to get free gold?

1. Completing certain Recommended Jobs will also be rewarded with gold;
2. First time joining a clan, will also be rewarded with 200 gold;
3. Gold will be rewarded when robbing gold in the city;
4. Continuous sign in at the Fountain, might also be rewarded with gold;
5. There is also chance of getting gold from the accumulation line in daily reward and the yacht
6. When leader levels up, a certain amount of gold can be gained;
7. First time defeating each level of Street Force will be rewarded with gold; re-defeating the same level has chance of getting gold reward;
8. Turn the Lucky Wheel and you might get the Gold Reward;
9. Click “Rewards Center” is able to enter into “7 Day Domination”. You can develop rapidly with these jobs. A great Gift Box with 1000 gold will be given when your accumulative points reaches the target;
10. There is a more detailed task and goals named "Daily Contact", complete them to get points. As you accumulate the points to the amount indicated by the goal, you”ll be able to get loads of rewards. Each day, the amount of points will be refreshed at 8 o’clock (City Time);
11. There is an “Achievement Collection” right next to the Mansion, reach the target of each Achievement and you’ll be able to collect an enormous amount of rewards;
12. Extra gold can be gained from purchasing Gold Packs during certain recharge event!


7 How to gain Leader Skill Points?

Skill Points can be gained by leveling the leader’s level. During level 1-9, players can gain 3 skill points per level up; and 4 per level for level 10-19; and 5 points for level 20 and above. Leader can be leveled up by either challenging street force for exp or from exp items, and completing jobs. The given skill points can be used to unlock Talent. Talents are divided into 3 categories: Crimes Talent, Enterprises Talent and Organizing Talent.
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Re: City Development FAQ

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Re: City Development FAQ

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Re: City Development FAQ

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Re: City Development FAQ

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