How to Invest for a Warlord Boss

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How to Invest for a Warlord Boss

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 01/08/18 6:36 am

Within a Mafia’s Invest Center are plenty of properties, waiting to be invested.
But among the many properties, which are more suitable for Warlord Boss?

:u1F60F: First of all:
The “Crime Ops Crew” within the crew capacity section of the Invest Center is a type of property that adds 1 extra Crime Ops Team, it can be said to be one of the most important property within the game.
Crew attribute boosts are arranged in order of training priority, first is Bulker, Biker, Vehicle then Shooter. Priorities enhance Bulker and Biker first can make your crews stronger in a short amount of time.
What’s worth the mention is that during an attack on a Mansion, the Vehicle’s (Armed Carrier) damage is quite impressive, this proves that fact that those who prefer Mansion battle should also priorities on enhance Vehicle.

:u1F608: Then:
The “First Aid” within the Turf Defense section of the Invest Center is a very important property. It can directly reduce the amount of crew loss during battle.

:u1F60E: Lastly but not least:
Is the “Hospital Expansion I” & “Hospital Expansion II” within the Criminal Enterprise section of the Invest Center. These 2 properties can greatly increase the Hospital’s capacity as well as effectively avoids death of crew, thereby reducing the loss in battle.
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