Crew’s Position&Outcome’s Judgments

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Crew’s Position&Outcome’s Judgments

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 01/08/18 6:28 am

Crew’s Position:
Crew’s position in a formation depends on the type and level of the crew, which is arranged according to their classification, mainly melee and long-ranged. Type of combat crew, arranged from front to rear: Bulker (Tanker), Vehicle (Assault Vehicle), Bulker (Combater), Biker (Rider).

Crews at the very rear are known as the long-ranged crews, their positions are arranged according to the shooting range of the crew, as follow: Biker (Assaulter), Gunmen, Snipers, Vehicle (Armed Carrier).

In addition, the positions of crews of the same type but different level are also arranged differently. The positioning of crews of the same type but different level will be arranged from lowest level to highest level, as such: Lower leveled crew will be positioned in front of higher leveled crew.

Final Position: Bulker (Tanker), Vehicle (Assault Vehicle), Bulker (Combater), Biker (Rider), Biker (Assaulter), Gunmen, Snipers, Vehicle (Armed Carrier).
Same crew type is positioned from lower level to higher level.

Outcome’s Judgments:
Due to the game’s outcome evaluation mechanism being:
If one the party’ surviving crew is 0, that party will be directly evaluated as defeated.
In the case where neither of the 2 parties’ survivor count is 0, then each party’s degree of loss (loss crew/total crew) will be accounted to determine the outcome (bigger rate = defeated). And the positioning order within the game are: Bulker (Tanker) at the front, as such they act as barriers absorbing damages dealt at the forefront of the formation; as Bulker (Tanker) is being reduced to the point of insufficient, the enemy party will begin to massacre rear crews. Due to this very fact, the amount of Bulker (Tanker) positioned within the formation must reach a certain amount, in order to protect the other crews from the damages dealt from the enemy party. Typically, the compositions of Bulker (Tanker) need to take up to 30% of the total crew in the formation.

In certain battles, such as Mayor Election, Raid and Defense: If a Raid consist of plenty of low-level crews, then the setting of same crew type but different level will automatically position the lower levels in the front, which will cause a large amount of death (consisting of low-level crews) and thus resulting in the outcome being defeated due to a major decrease in power at the initial part of the battle. As such, it would be wise to not include too many low-level crews, especially in crucial battle. Raid initiator can also make use of the dismiss feature to send back members with plenty of low-level crews and in doing so, ensures victory to this battle.
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  • Sandman6949st_S741 » 01/01/20 6:52 pm
    How can I rearrange my attack formation?
  • SecretaryGM Iris » 01/03/20 3:37 am
    Please tap the butler standing with your troops in your base to set your team.

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