Two different ways to build the turf

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Two different ways to build the turf

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 01/08/18 6:08 am

Turf is a Boss’ home base, but it is also a symbolism of power!

Each and every building within the turf has a purpose, a role.

Warlord Boss:

Four Types of Crew Camps: Training more crews.In the world of a Mafia City, whoever has more crews owns more power.

Club: Increases the training size, allowing you to larger crews faster.

Dinner: Increases the Crime ops’ size, which is very useful, be it 1 on 1 or Raid.

Clan Hall: Increases the size of Raid Size, most preferred by Warlord Boss.

Hospital: Where there is the battle there is the wounded.Hospitals can effectively reduce the loss in battle. The more advanced one’s hospital is the more loss it can reduce.Therefore,warlord bossed should build and upgrade more hospitals.

Invest Center: Place where you can invest on attacking bonus.

Pawnbroker: Not of much importance by itself, but equipment’s importance comes from the enormous of amount of attribute enhancement especially that of high-quality, golden equipment that provides crew attributes might as well match the amount of increase provided by multiple properties.

Radar: Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

Security Center: An attack arouses another attack.Even the most powerful boss has the time facing attacks from other bosses.When under an attack,defense weapons built in the Security Center would help you defend.FYI,the defense weapons only effective when there is certain crews in mansion to use them.

Tycoon Boss:

Four Types of Crew Camps: More crews can improve robbing efficiency, as such the more the better.

Dinner: Increasing of Crime Ops’ size can effectively improve the efficiency of robbing

Hospital: Provides protection to robbing crews, prevents death.

Vault: Protection limit of non-safe resources that can be robbed by others.

Cargo Hub: Provides you with more Cargoes.

Counterfeiter: Provides you with more Cashes.

Ammu-Nation: Provides you with more Arms.

Smelter: Provides you with more Metals.

Invest Center: Certain properties can increase production&robbing speed of certain resources, as well as provide protection to robbing crews.
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