Guide on 'COPS RAID EVENT'- RoyalPremSniper

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Guide on 'COPS RAID EVENT'- RoyalPremSniper

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 11/29/17 5:38 am


First of all by my side,
Name: RoyalPremSniper
City: 71

Hi guys,
I like to guide you guys about this 'COPS RAID EVENT' in MC.! (Mafia City)

~it is a clan event...So make sure to be in clan or create a clan to join on COPS RAID EVENT ^^.

~To defend yourself from this COPS RAID EVENT you must recall your troops if you send them to raid rss(resources) or to attack a enemy.

Just follow the below steps and read them till the end and get started, i thing i did my best to help you guys ^^

1.Get powerful and get ready with your lvled up troops... (build as many you can).

2. To do this event you must be a clan member i.e., you must join or create a clan (make sure you are in active clan).

3.I mentioned active clan because if you hit my police you have to heal up and get ready for next one.

4. This police event is all depends on how much your clan members can hold up the defense with police raids.

5.In this event there are total 24ROUNDS of police attacks.. I.e., In COPS RAID EVENT, the police will attack each member of clan with 24rounds.For example, if the clan started the COPS RAID EVENT then the police starts attacking your turf like 1st round with 1lvl police and 2nd round 2lvl policeand likewise... Till 24th round with 24lvl police

6.For every defending round on COPS RAID EVENT.. You will earn points that adds to your personal score and as well to your clan points which decides your rank and clan rank within that CITY.

7.Please make sure that you have your trained troops in yout turf to defend the police attacks in COPS RAID EVENT.

8.Please note that, if your unable to defend yourself when they attack your turf your OUT that means you can't earn any points for further and no police will attacks you after you get OUT.

9.Here every police attack (that means every round) will be depends on the level of difficulty i.e., If your defending first 3rounds it will be quite easy for mansion 5 players ( that mansion5.. you people finish it in tutorial) but if you go further every each round will be with more powerful troops.

10. In this COPS RAID EVENT these police attacks your turf with two type of Sergeant.... SERGEANT AND ELITE SERGEANT
Here ELITE SERGEANT have more powerful troops than SERGEANT... So be careful and befend your turf with reinforcement.

11. Every clan member can defend there truf with REINFORCEMENT by the another clsn members... So make sure to defend yourself with clan help.

12.Get ready for COPS RAID EVENT... call up all your clan members to online and get ready to defend all the 24ROUNDS in this event.

13.***Most important thing defending your turf with SHIELDS cant help COPS RAID EVENT so, make sure you guys must deal them face-face***.

Thanks for your patience to read up till here i thing i help you leader to guide you for COPS RAID EVENT. Make sure to give 👍 for my comment if you thing its useful😂.

Have fun... Cya all.. ^^
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