Guide on Cops raid event- Digitiser

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Guide on Cops raid event- Digitiser

Post by SecretaryGM Iris » 11/29/17 5:35 am

Name - Digitiser
City - 61
Title - Guide on Cops raid event
Overview - This guide gives information on how to play while in a Cops raid event.And this guide will be in series of questions and answers.

1- Who can start Cops raid event?
The Cops raid event can be started only by R4 or R5 members.

2- What happens when Cops raid event starts?
The Cops will start raiding on you.There will be 24 waves of raid.With each wave the Cops raid becomes powerful with higher number of crews with higher level and also on higher wave level they will raid together with more than 2 Cops.

3- Can I survive this raid?
Yes , you can.In the beginning the waves of Cops raid will be weaker.The higher your number of crews and their level, you can complete all 24 waves.

4- What is my duty when the Cops raid event starts?
You must defend yourself from Cops raid.And also if your power is more than 400k and you have over 80k crews, you can reinforce some of your clan mates.

5- what do I get by reinforcing my clan mates?
You will get points both on defence in your own turf and also on your clan mates turf whom you just reinforced.And the more you and your clan mates survive , the more points you and your clan mates get.

6- What happens when we get higher points?
When you get higher points you can get higher rewards(including gold).And if your clan comes in top ten list, you will get more rewards.

7- Are those rewards unique for every leader according to their points?
No, they are same to every member of the clan.So, don't hesitate to help your clan members and increase chances of getting higher rewards.

8- When will I stop getting raids from Cops event?
You will stop getting raids from Cops only when you lose to TWO Cops raid waves.You will lose to a Cops wave when you get less than 50% kill percentage.And the raids will also stop after the completion of its 24th wave.

9- Do I lose my crews after defending against a raid?
No, you don't lose any crew by defending against a cops raid.A very small percentage of your crews will get wounded.Don't forget to heal them after each Cops raid wave.

10- What are my advantages by participating in Cops raid event?
There are several advantages on participating in a Cops raid and some of them are,
*You can test your defence.
*You can get Higher rewards.
*You will know your clans unity level.
*You will know who play's for himself and who plays for all his clan members.

11- When will I not get my Cops raid event rewards?
You will not get your rewards when you leave your clan before you are gifted your rewards.

Thanks for reading. :u1F60A:
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    A few of my clan members didn’t receive their rewards for this event and haven’t heard back from the GM. what should they do?

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