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Farming Topaz

Posted: 08/01/18 12:08 pm
by Spooony_S173
Is there a relaible way of gaining Topaz faster from Shredder mercs ?

At the moment im fighting with lvl 3 looking to research upto lvl 4 mercs but even against lvl 3s they seem to not drop much. Should i be farming lvl 1s as i can kill them faster and conserver energy ,

Currently 1 topaz for every 40-50 killed.

on the bright side my vigs are getting levelled up nicely

Re: Farming Topaz

Posted: 08/02/18 11:36 pm
by Mr Asylum_S213
Same issue here, Morganite hard to find as well. Also only same colored (green,blue,etc) items add bonus. Ie; need 2,4,6 set items of the same color to get set bonuses. Makes it not worth it at this point but as usual I am vested in these set pieces already.

Re: Farming Topaz

Posted: 11/22/18 5:11 pm
by Murder Mass_S227
Yeah I have never once gained a single gem from a vigilante, no matter what the level is. I also very rarely get them to drop fragments.. it's like impossible to get a set, or even on item built. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know