Race against Time, Lots of event reward!

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Race against Time, Lots of event reward!

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1. Daily Crime Wave

Event Intro: Daily Crime Wave for a week is divided into five stages; a reward can be gained at each stage by reaching the specified amount of point. The top 10 of each stage and the final point will all get bounteous reward, and the top 1 in the overall point rank (the strongest Leader) will gain about 40, 000 Gold as reward.

Daily Crime Wave contains: Turf Development, Crews Training, Rob Resources, Defeat Street Forces, Power Increasing and Kill Enemies (where as Kill Enemies event last for 3 days and the others only 1 day/each).

Event Tip:

. Event time's countdown till 08:00 noon and from 08:00 to 08:10 is the result settlement time for the last stage. Point accumulation start at exactly 08:10.

. Rob Resources: Points will be gained at the point of completing robbing, not when they have returned to the mansion.

· Turf Development: Demolishing of buildings will result in Point deduction.

· Battle Power Stage: Decreasing of Battle Power will result in Point deduction

· Stages reward that has been achieved will not be deducted.

· Kill Enemies Event: Point will be gained for any enemy crews that ends up died or wounded.

2. Cop Raid

Available on Monday and Thursday of the following week after Daily Crime Wave.Event require a R4 or R5 to activate at the event center. Once the event has been activated, cops will begin raiding members' Mansion. Only by killing 50% of the raiding cops, will the battle be consider as defend successful.The Cop Raid will continue until one has had 2 losses. When all members has had 2 losses, the event will then end and rewards can be gained if individual manage to reach the goal, if one is ranking at top 10 or is ranked in the clan's total point will also get reward.

Event Tip:

· Ensure that most members are online when the event begins, also call back all crews out robbing resources.

· Clan members can reinforces each other.Reinforcing powerful members in the clan will also gain you more points.

· Some players might be targeted by the raid of cops thus requires other member to pay close attention and provide reinforcement when needed.

· There are constantly battles occurring during Cop Raid thus one need to prevent other hostile Clans from taking advantage.

· Minor wounded will occur during Cop Raid.

· Truce has no effect on Cops, but attack and defense boost item are effective against Cops.

3. Maroni's Illegal Lab

When the event starts, a lot of street force known as 'Drug Lab's Security Guard' on the map. A 'Maroni's Secret File' can be gained by defeating these forces, by using this letter a 'Maroni's Drug Lab' will appear near the Mansion. This casino can only be attacked by Raid; by breaching the Casino one can gain reward and those that joined the raid will gain reward in accordance to the amount of damage each one caused. In addition a small gift will be given to all clan members, when destroying the Casino.


· The Casino will disappear after a certain amount of time. Also once the Casino has appeared other player can also attack it, so be aware of it. Thus it would be wise to quickly breach the Casino; also when the letter still has uses it can be kept in your items.

. In order to participate in the raid towards 'Maroni's Drug Lab', 10 energy is required. Do ensure you have enough energy.

. When join the Raid, do ensure that your crew can arrive within the specified time or your crew will return empty handed.

4. Mayor Election

A competition for absolute rule over the City which is held at the center of the city(600:600), where the Magnificent City Hall lays along with 4 Fortress. When the event starts, the City Hall can be occupied, the first one who manage to occupy the City Hall for 8 hours will win the Mayor Election. After that,the Mayor can choose who to be appointed to official position or to be slaves.The Mayor can even send reward packs to members of their clan. Taking Office last for 5 days before it is reverted to the state of being able to be occupied again.

Event Tip:

. Other than having invested the “Fist Aid” in invest center, all other loss in Mayor Election battle will directly result in DEATH.

· The Rescue skill is ineffective in Mayor Election.

· If your crews are not strong enough to occupy the City hall, you can always try occuping the Fortress first as it will continuously attack enemy crews occupying the City Hall.

5. Festival Event Item Fusion

We might activate certain special event of specific holiday/festival; Defeat Street Force, Rob Resources and Black Market Trade to get event items, which give reward when opened. But more rewards are available when you first fuse those 3 items and opening it.

Event Tip:

Free purchase chance in Black Market can be gained by using “Wine”, thus it would be wise to save those wines and use it during the event to get event item.

Event item can also be accumulated to be fused into higher leveled event item, the reward might be better.
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