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Mafia City FAQ

Posted: 11/04/17 12:57 pm
by SecretaryGM Iris
Mafia City FAQ

Within Mafia City, you are the leader of a group of gangs. Under your rule, the gang will expand in power, you will eventually become the revered Boss!
Methods that can effectively expand your gang are as follows: continuously upgrade building, train crews, invest properties, rob resources, join clan and challenge street forces.
The best way to further enjoy the game is to constantly discuss method and game with friends around the globe.


[1]Account & In-game Purchase Link: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=44782
1 How to change in game name?
2 How to change image?
3 How to change city?
4 Account
4.1 How do I find my game ID?
4.2 How do I switch between accounts?
5 Can we sell, buy and share account?
6 Purchase Issues

[2]City Development Link: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=44784
1 Why should I build up my Turf (Upgrade Buildings)?
2 Why should I invest property?
3 Why should I become a VIP player?
4 How do I get VIP Points?
5 How to increase power?
6 How to get free gold?
7 How to gain Leader Skill Points?

[3]Battle Preparation Link: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=44786
1 How to attack other players?
2 How to protect self?
3 My Turf’s on fire. What do I do?
4 Why must we join a clan? (The importance of Clan and necessity of Social Applications)
5 How to Raid?
6 How to reinforce others?
7 Resource's classification and Robbing skills
8 What is the basic knowledge of battle?
9 What’s the best troop for battle?

Basic Troubleshooting

Start with these steps when you are ready to troubleshoot the cause of the crash you’ve experienced.

1. Make sure that your copy of Mafia City was downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, as we are unable to determine the stability of games downloaded elsewhere.
2. It is crucial that your device has enough memory to run the game. You can clear up space by minimizing the number of applications running. To close applications, go to ‘Settings’ >‘Apps,’ and select the applications that you want to close.
3. Having insufficient storage space will also affect the quality of gameplay. Free up storage space on your device by deleting the applications you’re no longer using.
4. It is also important that you have downloaded the latest version of game for a better game play experience.

If you have any suggestion or concern about the FAQ, welcome to comment below. :u1F618: :u1F618:

Re: Mafia City FAQ

Posted: 11/26/17 4:17 pm
I have invested alot of money into this game and would like to switch cities with my friends and I don't want to lose everything that I've built. If I stay in my current city without them I'm afraid that I will eventually get bored of the game and not play anymore. I also don't want to start all the way over by switching cities. Is there any possible way to switch over without losing my levels and power? I don't care about the resources.

Re: Mafia City FAQ

Posted: 12/06/17 6:38 am
by 0e58b8400a@unbind
there is one problem that i am playing mafia city since a long time but from few days there is a problem the pictures of games are not visible the game is working correctly but its images of invest centre and security centre and many more are invisble
my id is - rockodave

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Posted: 03/18/18 9:08 am
by Afghan farm_S73
Hello !

I don't have bank account or credit card is there any way any account that we can deposit cash and buy Mafia city items ???

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Posted: 05/14/18 8:53 pm
by MafiaF943AB189_S189

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Posted: 05/16/18 5:02 am
by Macc Shawn6_S189

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Posted: 05/19/18 1:55 am
by Mafia0DD35B194_S194

Guess what the deal is of

Posted: 05/24/18 1:02 am
by Mafia3E92B0196_S196
Im sry but the deal is off

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Posted: 05/25/18 7:09 am
by MafiaF2D5FE198_S198
:u1F610: hooooooo

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Posted: 05/26/18 5:43 am
by Desse_S199