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Posted: 05/17/20 5:21 am
by yureii_S930
hi, how do i report complete racism in game chat? Another form of it was someone completely changing his profile pick to black face. Here is the evidence from chat

Re: Racism

Posted: 06/09/20 11:59 pm
by ⦉ˢᵘˣ2ᴮʸᵒᵘ⦊_S563
They don't and won't act on it. Just block the player...

Re: Racism

Posted: 06/18/20 10:24 pm
by Scary Shawn_S931
There is absolutely no place for racism in this game. Those remarks should be stricken and the player who said them banned from the game. This is a game for all manners of players, all skin types and all personalities. If you are intolerate of others, perhaps you'd find another game more to your liking.